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My dog Darby is a fashionista in hiding, a diva in fur. On first glance, she doesn’t look like she is a follower of dog couture. She isn’t a teacup pooch with a wardrobe full of jackets, bows or bling. However, what she does have is a huge basket of collars and leashes for every occasion – I think of this cache as her version of collecting shoes, like her human mom. I’m not a follower of the Spring or Fall Collections, as my clothing choices tend to run to the classics and basics. But I do have a penchant for shoes. And it seems that my Darby has a penchant for collars, her version of being a shoe hound. She has numerous Kelly green and Celtic collars (she is an Irish Setter after all). She has several neon orange and glow-in-the-dark collars for when we visit my parents in Upstate New York – they live in farm country, which is also deer-hunting country. She has stripes, dots, plaid, red, blue and purple. She has only one furry neck, she doesn’t need all of these!

When I was walking past The Salty Paw Spa, Daycare and Boutique ( in the South Street Seaport area recently and saw a sign in their window for their Leash, Harness and Collar Drive, I knew it was time for Darby to get rid of some of her collars. The Salty Paw takes donations of gently used items for both dogs and cats, which will be given to the very good cause of Posh Pets Rescue ( Instead of getting a collar, we’re giving them away!

Posh Pets Rescue is a very worthy organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of homeless animals, both dogs and cats, many of whom are rescued at the very last moment from euthanasia at the city shelters. They don’t just rescue young dogs, or healthy dogs, or dogs that seem to have a better chance of getting placed. No matter the breed, health or age, Posh Pets Rescue work tirelessly to find the right homes for the abandoned dogs.

Posh Pets Rescue does not have a shelter, but relies solely on a network of volunteer foster homes. They receive no public funding and count on the generosity of fellow animal lovers like you and me to help with their costs. If you’re a pet owner, you know those costs could become expensive, so they could use your help for vet bills and other medical expenses, as well as food, supplies and other items needed for the safety and comfort of the rescues.

With the Leash, Harness and Collar Drive, it’s obvious that you don’t have to donate money, you can even donate items, even your time or services. You could help by walking the dogs, bringing them to the vet, assisting at their fund-raising events, even volunteering your administrative skills for clerical services. Visit their site and click on the Ways To Help tab to find out more.

While you’re at the site, be sure to check out their Success Stories of animals who have found their forever homes. They’ll make you smile!

Posh Pets Rescue
New York
Ph: 917-319-4304

The Salty Paw Spa, Daycare and Boutique
38 Peck Slip
Ph: 212-732-BARK
Email: [email protected]

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