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Some days, it may feel like you’re back in school again: multitude of classes at work teaching you effective communication, people management, networking, all of which you feel you don’t need. Then at the end of your day, you have even more classes: yoga, strength training, dancing, these you definitely want. The list seems endless. So why would you want to take another course, this one with homework too? Well, these courses are fun and may lead to a rewarding new career in a field that you’re actually passionate about.

Dog Products available from Trixie and Peanut

New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology ( is launching its first Pet Product Design courses this spring which will be offered through the school’s Center for Professional Studies.

Take the Fashion Design for Pet Apparel Course, in four Thursday evening sessions starting March 5th, and redirect your design and sewing skills into one of today’s fastest growing markets. This hands-on workshop starts with an introduction to functional needs and a seasonal fabric guide. Learn important safety tips in relation to T-shirts, winter coats, and couture ensembles. You see the cute doggie outfits in the stores and always think you can do better, so why not prove yourself right?

If sewing is not your thing, then flex your creative muscles with a course in bow-wow bling-bling with Pet Accessories and Lifestyle Product Design. There’s a $41 billion and growing pet industry, with products that include accessory items like leashes, collars, toys and beds. It’s not enough to just make a pretty leash, it has to meet discerning pet tastes, like yours, so emphasis is on creating products that meet today’s consumer demand for more upscale, fashionable items. Course runs Wednesdays April 15th to May 13th.

Not only does FIT teach you how to make the product, they also teach you how to sell it with the Pet Product Branding Class to create an identifiable brand that stands out from the competition. Get a paw up on your new passion with the right image, brand name, logo, promotional tools and other aspects of the branding process. It’s not on object you’re presenting to your market it’s a cohesive and unique product story.

The Fashion Institute of Technology offers five courses at the moment, with the intention at offering more. Check out details at

Fashion Institute of Technology
Seventh Avenue at 27 Street
New York City 10001-5992

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