Gift Ideas For When Your Pup Is Your Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to give and be gifted things out of love. And that can be in the form of a human, for sure. A lover, a spouse, a family member, a friend. But, when we think about those in our lives who consistently give us unconditional love, it really is our fur-friends who step up to that plate and win that gold medal every time.

Here are gift ideas to consider because it’s a love language and it’s Valentine’s Day.

Treat Time is Always a Good Time

Nature's gnaws Braided Chew

There is a wide range of things to gift your furry child other than treats. But let’s get that one out of the way first because it is the most obvious.

Treats are the way to any one’s heart. (Do you think sweets, alcohol, and trips to the Bahamas are not treats? Think again. )

For your doggie child, treats are one of those ways to clearly say “I love you. Here’s something to show it. Associate this good tasting thing with me.”

But for Valentine’s Day, don’t opt for just any treat. Get something special. Something that transcends just any treat from the pet store.

Nature Gnaws has got just that with their spectacular line of 100% All Natural chews and treats for your dog. All of them are hand-packed with love in good ol’ USA. They have an extensive list of options from your familiar bully sticks, to elk antlers, cow hooves, tripe twists, pig ears and anything else your picky pup will drool at.

I tested their Turkey Tendon chews and their Braided Gnaws with an extremely picky Boston Terrier with a very sensitive stomach. If you’ve ever worked with a Boston, you’ll know their intelligence and charisma also goes with an extremely opinionated and sometimes erratic mindset. This particular Boston is also not afraid to sniff at and turn away treats from well-intentioned gift givers, leaving his handlers to apologize in embarrassment.

But this Boston grabbed both treats from my hand. Not only that, he cried, No! He whimpered for those Turkey Tendons and devoured them, wide mouthed grinning impishly the entire time.

It was a relief to know that these chews were made of really good ingredients as sometimes he only goes for the “junk-food” type treats.

Nature Gnaws not only uses the best ingredients for their chews, they also carry on their love for animals by donating their chews to shelters across the nation as well teaming up with 4Ocean to offset their use of plastic in their packaging.

The packages that I did receive were both biodegradable. On the bags it says to just throw them in the trash and they’ll start to bio-assimilate in 6-months. This is pretty impressive since it can be hard to replicate the strength and feel of plastic in a biodegradable product but here we are in the modern age! Finally!

Nature Gnaws is running a Pawlentine’s Day Sale where you can save 25% Off your first Gnawbox order with the code FUREVERCHEW.


Shop Nature Gnaws

Help Provide Them Winter Relief

Puppington Magic Stick

Sometimes it’s the small things that make life just that little bit better.

The winter can be awful for dogs. Other than the horrible freezing temperatures, we also have salt covered streets that can hurt their paws and the dryness from indoor heating that can dry out their noses and skin. With our model Boston, he has sensitive skin and also hates the cold weather. Salt has had a history of hurting his paws and he refuses to walk in booties.

Puppington’s Pup Wax® 7-Day Magic Stick™ Stick acts as the perfect winter ailment fighter for dogs. The Magic Stick is a skincare dog balm that can be used on their skin to fight dryness, soothe irritation and help their skin heal and stay hydrated.  It can be applied to their nose, paws, rashes or any other part of their skin experiencing issues.

Puppington really covered all their bases with the design of this product. The Magic Stick has an organic and vegan formula. It can withstand hot temperatures with their use of candelilla wax. It has no perfume, fragrance or essential oils and only smells like coconut oil. It also is safe if your pup licks it off by accident. The Magic Stick can be used even on the sensitive skin or to stop pups from scratching or biting their skin.

This is just a lifesaver product during these strange winters. (Is below freezing or is it spring? Who knows?) While I can’t tell shop owners to NOT lay down an ocean of salt, at least with our walks I can be assured that the dog has protected and moisturized feet and afterwards there will be less irritation.

Valentine’s Day with your puppy pal doesn’t have to include crusty noses and reddened paws. No tears, just moisturizing puppy balm.


Shop the Magic Stick

Your Pup’s Health Matters

Finn Dog Supplements Hip and Joint

While Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, it doesn’t mean you have to focus on the short term aspect of it. Wouldn’t a healthier life also help your pup have a happier one?

Supplements are a great addition to your pet’s health. Along with the treats to make your pup happy day to day,  the long term support of your pet is also a part of their overall happiness. I’ve noticed while pet-sitting, that those pets receiving supplements as a part of an overall healthy diet do display a wonderful exhibition of energy and enthusiasm. If your pup is senior or has some health issues, including supplements isn’t a bad idea. Obviously, check with your veterinarian first before any drastic changes. I’m just another person on the internet after all.

Anecdotally, probiotics and joint supplements were one of the two most commonly seen supplements in my pet sitting client’s homes. This goes for cats as well as dogs. For senior pets, those taking joint supplements did seem to jump around with no problem. And having probiotics in their senior pups was essential to keeping their stool in a solid state of form.

Finn has got all your pups’ needs covered in one Veterinarian-approved collection of supplement chews. From the everyday essential Multivitamin to our aforementioned probiotics, Finn’s carefully crafted supplements have your dog’s needs in mind.

Because our model Boston Terrier is also a senior pup, I decided the best supplement to try was the Hip and Joint supplement. Not going to lie, as soon as I saw the ingredients I knew these chews were serious. The ingredients were names I recognized from vitamins you would on your own shelves. These little nuggets were packed with Glucosamine, MSM, Vitamin C and E and Chondroitin Sulfate.

But did our little senior pup eat it? The answer is…not at first. He’s extremely picky and if it doesn’t smell tasty he sniffs and then looks at you – waiting for something better. But, he gobbled it up when it was broken down into his food. That’s the trade off sometimes with really healthy foods. It smells and tastes like it’s healthy. Which junk-food loving, picky eaters may need a little trickery for. If at first you don’t succeed, break it down into smaller and smaller bits until you do.

Because why not invest in your pup’s long-term happiness at the same time as appreciating the now?


Shop the Finn Hip and Joint Supplement Chews



So celebrate the special day dedicated to love, to the pets that you love. Light a pet-friendly candle, give them a special meal, and share some of these gifts with them.


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