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As you may recall from my previous article, my dog is a very picky eater. Her bout with contaminated food from China made feeding time even worse. Since 2007, I only give her food/treats that are harvested in the U.S. and processed domestically.

I recently discovered Merrick, a company that makes food products with locally grown ingredients in Texas. Here is what I’ve learned.

The first thing you should do when introducing a new food product to your pet is to blend it in with their daily meal. You shouldn’t switch brands on a whim but slowly make the transition and that is exactly what I did with Merrick’s.

I let her smell the Merrick Classic Real Chicken, Brown Rice + Green Pea Recipe for a few days prior to feeding it to her. I blended it in with her regular food and she devoured the entire bowl. Here are the ingredients: deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, brown rice and peas.

Another option for your dog is the Real Duck Sweet Potato Recipe. It’s made for all life stages but considering that I have a small dog, I simply put some warm water in the bowl and made a gravy sauce for easier consumption and digestion. Smaller dogs with small teeth seem to react better to this.

Autumn Leaf’t Overs was also a success and is made with ingredients fit for every life stage and all breeds. It contains: chicken, sweet potato, bacon, spinach and pumpkin. It is a limited edition but the company sent me a sample so you best contact Merricks directly to request this product. Chi loved it!

Grammy’s Pot Pie apparently was also one of her favorites. I didn’t even have to coax my dog to eat it. It’s for all life stages and breeds and is made with chicken, red potatoes, carrots, peas and apples.

Another alternative you may want to feed your pooch is their Grain-free chicken with sweet potato recipe. Merrick’s grain-free recipes are made with 70% poultry, meat and fish and 30% fruits and vegetables.

Feeding your family’s best friend a diet that is high in protein without by-products, artificial flavors, colors, corn, wheat, gluten or preservatives will help maintain a healthy life.

Read more about Merrick products at

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