Hooked on Soniks


I had a particularly bad week last week. It seemed like the Fates decided to throw me knuckle curveballs all at the same time, plotting to ruin my week for their own giggling pleasure. I was slammed with late trains, runs in my tights, broken fingernails, paper cuts, tripping on sidewalks, spills on my new shirt — and we’re just talking Monday. The rest of the week just got worse.


By the time Friday evening rolled around, all I wanted to do was curl up on my sofa and watch the idiot box. Alas, my dog saw this as the ideal opportunity to pounce on me. To her, it was playtime. She bounded onto my lap with one of her favorite toys in her mouth – it was a squeak toy. The high pitch wail emanating from the small plush object pierced my brain like a thousand daggers. I’m exaggerating, but we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Incessant squeals, until you grab the toy and throw it to the other side of the room.

Well, help is here in the form of The Soniks (www.happydogtoys.com/soniks), a family of plush dog toys that are cute and, more importantly, SILENT. Each of The Soniks contains an ultrasonic squeaker that emits sound in a range above the hearing range of humans but just right for playful, squeak-happy dogs.


This toy family has cheeky (and a little cheesy) names like SubSonik & SuperSonik for larger dogs, and HyperSonik & UltraSonik for medium dogs. They even have their own pets, weird alien creatures called Woofer and Tweeter, for smaller dogs.


My dog Darby is a toy wrecker, she loves to tear her plush toys apart and pull out the stuffing to get to the squeaker, littering our living room with white tufts of tumbleweed. The makers have replacement silent squeakers for destroyers like Darby. These replacements can also work for your dog’s most beloved toy, just pull out the present noisy one and replace it with the silent one. Precious pooch will never know the difference.

I have a suspicion that Darby knows she drives me insane with her squeaky toys, acting like any spoilt child craving for attention. Well, with The Soniks, we both may get what we crave: peace and play. They retail at most major pet shops around the city.

Where to buy Online:
Tel: 800-SITSTAY (800-748-7829)
Or 402-467-3426
Fax: 402-467-5055

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