How Will Your Pet Thrive This Summer?

Imagine walking around in a fur coat (and hat) all summer long. Now you know how your pet must feel. While you’re at work or traveling, chances are your pooch or kitty is cooped up in an apartment with the sporadic company of a neighbor or pet watcher.

Following are some smart ideas to keep your pet happy, healthy and purrrfectly content through the d-days of summer.

Photo Credit: TurboPup

If you are vacationing, on an adventure or just a day trip to escape the city with your four-legged friend, TurboPup makes complete replacement meal bars for dogs.

These nutrition bars are made in La Pine, Oregon with ingredients that exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFC Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages — they are human-grade. I used them on a recent hike with my dog and my neighbor’s golden retriever and collie. All three dogs shared and enjoyed the bars and it made it much easier than packing separate baggies of dog food.
Buy online at

This is Pip and Oscar sandwiched between Merrick.
Photo Credit: Merrick and PK Greenfield

My neighbor has a share on Fire Island this summer and while she basks on the beach, I have the pleasure of minding her two cats in the metropolis. Pip and Oscar (Wilde) are two of the most entertaining felines that I’ve ever encountered — frisky, fun and friendly.

They won me over with their antics; I won them over with TLC and little help from Merrick.

The Merrick pet food line is made in the U.S.A. and harvested from American farmers. This company is known for their Purrfect Bistro Grammy’s Pot Pie recipe and my two summer wards practically dove into their feeding dishes.

I’ve also noticed their fondness for a water fountain. Both Pip and Oscar go to the stream, drink and play with the water. Cats and water, hello! This is a very smart idea for cats that are left alone throughout the day. Look for the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain at your local pet store or online. This fountain comes with a tank in the back to hold enough water for several days.

You can find Merrick at your local pet store or shop online:

Photo Credit: Minties

While you’re sailing, surfing or throwing a Frisbee in the park, your dog could be getting a complete dental cleanse, fresh breath and a treat that reduces plaque and tarter. Minties are veterinarian grade oral treats and made in the U.S.A. My pooch tried them during a picnic in Central Park and I’ve given her one ‘bone’ each day for over a week. I’ve noticed less yellowing, fresher breath and while she chews them like a 1950s secretary chomping on Wrigley’s chewing gum, the results surpass the repulsion.

Check out Minties at

Photo Credit: Dogswell

To help maintain your dog’s eyes, skin, coat and healthy joints, I recommend jerky strips from Dogswell. Their Vitality and Happy Hips are made in the USA and both products are a good source of protein — no grain, corn, wheat or soy.

Look for them at your local pet store and here:

Like people, not all pets make smart choices. A cat often runs into a window and some dogs chase their own tails for hours. I’ve also seen a man trap himself in a revolving door and women disintegrate her skirt by pulling on a thread.

Happy summer to you and your pet.

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