Is Your Puppy “Zen”?


My dog has never been a super chow hound. She love treats and usually finishes all of her dinner. But she’s not the kind of dog that is easily bribed by food. I found that out pretty quickly when she took her first puppy training class a couple of years ago. All of the other pet parents managed to bribe their dogs to follow the commands of sit, stay and heel with a simple wave of a dog treat in their hand. My dog would obey the first few times and dutifully swallow her reward treat. But after a couple of minutes, she would just sniff at my hand and not budge. A few embarrassing lessons later, I discovered that she was motivated more by eye to eye approval from me, and a simple tickle behind the ear.

Treats from Zen Puppy ( are great for my finicky dog. There are five different formulae, each targeted at dogs of different personalities. True to Zen philosophy, each box of treats comes with a saying on the inside of the box. But these quotes are more tongue-in-cheek than free-your-mind mantras. My favorite saying is inside the Peace box: “Zen Puppy says, Dogs are not our whole life, but make our life whole.

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Zen Puppy is made with herbs and botanicals, ingredients that you would find in a health food store. The Peace formula for wild, crazy and unruly dogs has Hungarian Chamomile Flower Extract. My dog’s favorite is Beauty which is for great coat, skin and breath, and contains Dandelion Root, Alfalfa and Watercress. The other Smarty, Energy and Agile flavors all boast interesting and healthy ingredients as well.

To be a “zen” puppy’s parent, pick-up their T-shirt or Tank Top with two sayings to choose from: “Bite yourself once in awhile to know how it feels.” An appropriate gift for one of my colleagues who says “Bite Me!” at every heated meeting. The other aphorism is “A leash cannot hold your mind from running.”

Just as you enjoy your yoga routine, maybe you pooch would like to get a little zen too.
Where to Buy:
Pet Market
1570 1st Ave
New York NY
Tel: 212-879-3888

Pet Market
1400 2nd Ave
New York, NY
Tel: 212-585-1200

Pet Market
224 West 72nd Street
New York, NY
Tel: 212-799 4200

Where to buy Online:
Tel: 1-800-FOR-DOG7 (1-800-367-3647)
Tel: 1-866-WE-R-DOGS (1-866-937-3647)

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