Katty Sak

Makeover an item in your home that is a little bit of an eyesore, no matter how hard you try to tuck it into a corner – the cat litter box, that is! Katty Saks (http://www.kattysaks.com) is a unique fabric slipcover that slides easily over hooded kitty boxes.

What’s great about these machine washable and dryable slipcovers is that they’re really easy to use. Available in three designs, my favorite is the Le Dresser. This gives the illusion of a high-end French piece of furniture. What’s cheeky are the items painted on top of the dresser – these faux accessories are a diamond necklace, grooming brushes and juicy novels with titles like Paws On A Hot Tin Roof.

If you’re more of a beach bum, then Surf Shack will bring out the big Kahuna in your kitty. Bright, colorful and really pretty for your beach summer rental. And how else, would you get to the shore or the Hamptons but on a beach bus of course! The Beach Bus design has more of a California feel actually, complete with a bumper sticker that reads Hang Eight!

All three designs come in 4 sizes, and a plastic board and spacer for a perfect for over standard litter boxes. Get more info from the site http://www.kattysaks.com where you can also purchase the Katty Sak. Nice touch that you get free shipping.

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