Kitty Cat’s Pick of the Litter


It all started with major construction work on our apartment building: scaffolding blocked the sidewalks; dumpsters barricaded the street; a mountain of debris piled up. And a desperate stray cat took shelter under the mass and refuse, calling it home. Lucky for him, he chose a building teeming with animal lovers.

The cat appeared, night after night, under the menagerie of metal, lumber and the squalor of the city. His tattered fur and tired eyes hauntingly peered out like the Cheshire Cat in Alice’s story. One of my neighbors patiently sat for over two weeks, offering food and coaxing the feline into a carrier. He eventually retreated and was rescued.

After a visit to the vet, this Calico was diagnosed with renal failure but given hope and a home — my neighbor decided to keep him with the moniker Red, due to his coloring.

Red to the Rescue

Red has gone from a scaredy-cat to a lovable and docile feline that patently endures a weekly IV drip of medicine. Because of his illness, he urinates often and so a quality kitty litter was needed. I found Swheat Scoop and donated a bag for the cause.

First of foremost, this litter is an American-made product by a company in Redwood Falls, Minnesota: Pet Care Systems, Inc. You know I like that. It’s also 100% biodegradable and made from naturally processed wheat — no clay or chemicals. It clumps fast and firm, safe for kittens and post-op cats and can be flushed.

Red is rescued and Swheat Scoop helps save the planet.

Read more about it here:

Photos: PK Greenfield and Swheat Scoop.

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