Lavishly Lavishy

On my travels to Toronto, I always try to stop by in one of the two Lavishy ( Boutiques, either the one on Yonge Street or the one on Dundas Street. I love their cheeky and nature themed products (no leather!). In my travels around the world, I have seen their cute purses or bags at various boutiques, usually stores that sell quirky and interesting products. In various stores all across New York, I’m sure you’ve stumbled on something “lavishy”.

I jaunt around the world quite a bit for work, and my passport takes a beating. So when I was shopping for a passport holder and wasn’t able to make it to their Toronto stores, I went directly to the Lavishy website ( to find something appropriate. And I wasn’t disappointed – there is a huge selection of colors and animal designs in appliqué and embroidery for travel accessoruies. Their Adora collection is made from “pleather” because there are animal friendly. Along with the playful Bird Passport Cover, are other items perfect for the world traveler such as the Love Cats Laptop Bag and Scottie Cell Phone Pouch. All of these come in various colors and will protect your important gear.

How many times have you stood at the baggage carousel waiting for your bag to slide down the chute, and only to see in dismay that there are countless other bags that look like yours? Usually black luggage – how many are there?! You’ll be able to spot your bag if you get a colorful Akina Luggage Tag, embossed with a beautiful design of a bird, peacock, fish or butterfly.

I also love the Lavishy animal-themed jewelry line called Lava. Handmade from lead-free pewter, plated with silver and hand-painted with enamel. You can double duty with the pendants, because they are reversible, perfect for different moods. The Peacock pendant cleverly has the head on one side and the tail on the other. The Japanese maple has the leaves on one side and a zebra print on the other.

When you go to the Lavishy site, it says “Welcome To New Funland! That’s exactly what it is!

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