Let Your Caged Bird Sing


When I was a wee one, I remember my father had a pretty yellow canary in a cute cage by the kitchen window. My dad was also a little superstitious, and believed it was good luck if he received the bird as a gift. So, one of my cherished memories is going to the pet store and picking out the canary for my father as a birthday present. Obviously, dad was the one who really paid for it, but he always said that I bought it for him. The added perk of my gift was that I got to name the bird. The momentous name my four year old mind came up with was Feathers. If you have your own little Feathers, Tweety or Polly, here are a few creative cages that will be sure to let your caged bird sing.

Perfect for your feathered friend is the Featherstone Brownstone Bird Cage resembling the sought-after abode that line the quieter streets of the city. It provides housing for your medium-sized bird with two perches for comfortable seating. A removable floor and drawer along with two outside access feeder cups make cleaning and feeding easy, in addition to rooftop access and a large entryway door.

If your bird has dreams of nesting in suburbia, the wire replica of a classic tri-state area home, the Featherstone Cape Cod Bird Cage houses your pet in style. It’s all about floor space and this cage has generous proportions, finished in pet-safe paint shades. These fashionable Featherstone bird homes can be found at www.PetSolutions.com.

House your little bird princess in the Princess Round Bird Cage with scroll-work wire accent to add extra visual dimension. It’s contains a manzanita tree branch so your parakeets, canaries, or finches can sit comfortably and get lots of activity and exercise. And the tall round cage is perfect for space-constrained apartments. Available at www.Birdcages.com.

However, if you are one of those rare birds that actually has space in your NY apartment, you may want to indulge in the luxury of designing a custom cage. Check out www.CagesByDesign.com where you can let your imagination soar. You can pick out cage material, lighting, feeders, and even backgrounds like waterfalls or forests.

Even if you don’t actually have a pet bird, you can still enjoy the birdsong of your feathered neighbors by providing them with a birdhouse. Some funky options you can hang outside your window or perch on your terrace can be found at www.TheFamilyStore.net.

The Toboggan Cap Birdhouse is a resin birdhouse in the shape of a colorful snow cap and will be a toasty haven for winter warblers. And a rustic resort in which feathered friends can weather the storm is the Yacht Club Birdhouse which has a straw roof, a wooden dock, a sailboat and oars. One thing to remember during the colder months – if you do decide to put seed out for the birds, please do so until Spring. The birds will count on your feedings and may not fly to warmer climates.

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