Love Me, Love My Pet First!

My friend just started dating a really great guy. He seems to like her as much as she likes him, but it’s still early days yet in their relationship. So she’s having a bit of a quandary on what to get him for Valentine’s Day. She wants to give him something nice, without presuming too much on where their casual dating will lead. What’s the perfect solution? Get him something for the most significant person in his life at the moment, his pet of course! Maybe time will make you his significant other soon.

Send naughty mixed signals with the Stud Placemat. Easy to clean, this bone-shaped mat will keep your beau guessing, while keeping his apartment floor kibble free. Pair it with a Stud Bowl, and you’ll be sending the right message, for sure. Other Stud products like collars, leashes and dog toys can be found at or call 877-FabDogs.

Fill these cute ceramic treat jars with some lovely treats and your new love interest will be purring, along with his cat. The Cat Treat Jar has a cheeky face, and the lid has a mouse and cheese knob. Or be more direct with the flirty Mon Ami Treat Jar, topped off with a little pink heart. Grab one at Tel: 414-423-5800.

Nothing says Love more than a toy that says exactly that! The Heart Throb Dog Toy is a large red plush toy that says “I Love You” when squeezed. It comes in various colors from pastel blue to baby pink. Also lovable are the Embroidered Heart Berber Bones, featuring a heart on the outside and the ever popular squeeker on the inside. Get your Valentine these cute toys at or call 877-364-8697

If you want to feel good this Valentine’s Day, read the children’s book The Valentine Cat, about a lonely man who finds happiness because of a little kitten. Pick this lovely heartwarming tail (hee! hee!) from your favorite book store.

Happy Love Day!

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