May Flowers For Moms!


The second Sunday in May is devoted to mothers. It’s the day to remember not just my gracious mother who drives me crazy with her busy-body questions, but also for all the mothers in my life. Like my sister who is juggling two teenage kids with an active community schedule, and my best friend who just welcomed her first born and is adeptly combining the dual roles of career high-flier and super-mom.

I’d love to be able to spend their special day with them, just enjoying their company. Unfortunately, most of them live half a country away. So I usually send them flowers to show them how much I appreciate their amazing lives as moms.


This year, I’ll be sending them flowers from Organic Bouquet ( which is teaming up with the Humane Society of the United States ( to offer organic flowers and other gifts. There is even a unique HSUS bouquet — two dozen long-stem Yellow Sunshine roses.

Green Label certified, free of toxic pesticides and shipped freshly after they’re cut, the HSUS bouquet will be delicately wrapped in a corn-based sleeve and tissue paper, placed gently into an eco-elegant box, and will include a personalized gift card as the finishing touch. Everything is 100% recycled or recyclable. So not only will you be helping an animal in need but also helping the environment, while putting a smile on your mom’s face.

For each HSUS charity bouquet purchased for Mother’s Day, Organic Bouquet will donate 10% of the retail price. But don’t stop there, purchase any of Organic Bouquet’s other flowers, nuts, chocolates, tea, and more and the Humane Society will receive 10% of the retail price on those items, too. The Numi gourmet flowering tea set is bound to relax any mom after a long day. Chinese artisans hand-sew delicate organic white, green, and black tea leaves into beautiful rosettes. When these rosettes are steeped in boiling water, the leaves slowly blossom in a lovely display of colors and shapes.


To order the HSUS flowers, go to the Humane Society’s online shop. Or click on this link

Or go to Call (877) 899-2468 to place an order by phone

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