Meow! Cheep! Woof! May is National Pet Month

Cats, dogs, birds, ferrets and even turtles are gearing up to celebrate the entire month of May. It’s one big pet party from coast to coast. National Pet Week launches on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 with “Be Kind To Animals Week” setting the tone for the entire month.

If you have ever held a cat, fed a fish, petted a pooch or sang with a bird, you know what I’m talking about. We share the planet with animals and this is the time to celebrate, appreciate and learn about the domestic animal kingdom as well as take a stand against cruelty.

Following are several ideas to help keep your pet and family happy and healthy.

Photo Credit: SU2C

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) does innovative cancer research and they have recently teamed-up with lifestyle brand A Lot To Say on a new line of eco-friendly pet products.

These leashes, collars and T-shirts are made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and printed using a no water dye process, protecting your pet from harmful materials.

Now your pet can join with other SU2C supporters like Denzel Washington, Jillian Michaels and Gwyneth Paltrow in the fight against cancer.

Check out their pet apparel and accessories at

Photo Credit: vetGuard Plus

‘Tis the season for picnics, barbecues and neighborhood parties; it’s also the time when fleas, tics and mosquitoes have a fiesta in the great outdoors and get a free ride into your home on the backs of Rover and Fluffy.

Protect your cat or dog with vetGuard Plus. This cost-effective treatment kills and repels fleas and ticks for up to one month, protects against mosquitoes and breaks the flea life cycle.
I’ve noticed more dogs scratching and flinching in Riverside Park so I applied this treatment to my dog, Chi. She is currently bug free, calm and collected and as adorable as ever.

Read more about it at

Photo Credit: Swiffer

My dog sheds more during spring. I found a fur ball the size of a rhinoceros in the corner of my apartment. I was able to trap and extract this huge present from my “best friend” with a Swiffer Sweeper. This sweeper allows you to sweep and mop using two different types of clothes — wet and dry.

I normally don’t get excited about cleaning, but when I discovered half of my dog’s winter coat hidden under the piano, the 360% swivel head of the Swiffer made it easy to get the job done.

Chi recently tracked in some jewels and gems from the city streets. I was happy to have this tool to clean it up quickly.

Check it our here:

My dog Chi and her favorite sweater
Photo Credit: PK Greenfield

One last thing for consideration: Pet Insurance. Back in 2007, my dog had a near fatal bout with tainted pet food from China. She was in the hospital for a week and you can imagine the bill upon her discharge. I was very lucky to have her insured with the ASPCA.

Do some comparative shopping this month and get your pet health insurance — celebrate National Pet Month with your loved ones.

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[…] in a roundup of products to keep your pet happy and healthy in honor of National Pet Month. The article reports that early summer is the time when fleas, ticks and mosquitoes have “a fiesta in the great […]


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