Minimize Your Pet’s Paw Print


Living with a big rambunctious dog means I’m always tripping over a toy, getting tangled with a leash or trying to find storage for a big bag of dog food. I try to de-clutter and minimize her impact on my space constrained home, without much success.

If you have pet storage issues too, especially with finding a suitable container for dog food or kitty litter, then try these Soft Storage Sacks. The soft sides make them more pliable when trying to fit them into a closet or pantry. The spin lid on these collapsible bags provides an airtight seal guaranteed to keep food fresh while keeping unwanted pests and pets out. The sacks are available in two sizes and colors.

My dog only has one item of clothing, a rain coat. But she has countless leashes – two flexi leashes for running in the field, a 6 ft one that matches her collar, and a reflective one for walks at night. So the Critter Pack Rack is infinitely useful in keeping her leashes handy and handily off the floor, as well as a place to dry her raincoat.

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As much as I try to minimize plastic bags in my life, I seem to end up with quite a few at the end of each week. So I use them for doggie “pick-up” and store them in the Stainless Baggie Holder. It keeps about 40 bags organized and accessible. It’s great for recycling grocery bags and newspaper sleeves that would normally be tossed.

A great space saving cat condo is the Door Mount Kitty Climber. It hooks behind any standard door, with five levels of snoozing and climbing space. There’s even a privacy compartment for the shy kitty. And if company drops by, just fold for storage. It’s a great way to allow your cats to satisfy their natural curiosity to climb high as well as a fun source of exercise.

These space saving solutions can be found on the North Shore Animal League’s Online Store. The North Shore Animal League America is the country’s largest no-kill shelter.
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