My Dog Space


(With assistance from Darby the Dog)

My name is Darby and I have red fur. I think I’m from a species called “What-To-Do-She’s-A-Rambunctious-Irish-Setter”, or at least that’s what my human mommy shouts to people in the park when I try to eat a squirrel, pull on my leash, or roll in a gloriously smelly spot.


My mommy types a lot on a metal contraption that sits on her lap to what she calls her PR Contacts. I don’t know what that means, but they’re very nice people who send packages, that my favorite mailman delivers. Some of the packages have yummy treats, some have soapy liquids that mommy uses on me. I get confused – apparently getting wet in the pond is bad, but getting wet from a bath is good. And I always get a bath with the soapy liquid after I go into the thick green pond. Mommy writes about all the stuff she uses on me, which I don’t mind.


Lately, mommy and I have been making new friends through that metal contraption of hers. It’s got a strange name like Inter-Web or something like that. Our favorite meeting place is Dogster ( where I met my pup pals Zuzu and Magoo. We all have photos on Dogster too, how cool! Woof! We exchange pretend gifts like bones and rosettes. My mommy also shares advice with other dog parents, she’s pretty smart and knows lots of doggy info. The strange creature next door called Napoleon-the-Cat says he makes friends too on Catster ( Both Dogster and Catster have very important stuff like Breed Info, Vet Advice and Adoptions.


Napoleon says he also belongs to another friend-making site called My Cat Space ( where he checks out other cat’s videos, although he still thinks he’s the best looking. Napoleon can be a snob sometimes. I don’t know if I want to hang out with cats, so maybe I’ll join My Dog Space instead ( where I can exchange barks and post my blog. It might be fun to watch dog videos, sometimes they do the funniest things.

I like to stick to my own kind, but I know some of my doggie friends hang out with all kinds of animals. Grrr! I don’t like that. We have a fish and I’m a little suspicious of him, he never closes his eyes, doesn’t he ever nap? If you’re in a house full of all kinds of creatures, sniff out Vivapets ( where you can meet horses, reptiles and even exotics from all around the world. Maybe Vivapets have dogs from Ireland like me. I hear, and are tail wagging worthy too.

My favorite time is going to the Dog Park and sniffing my friends. But having friends on the Inter-Web is Grrreat too. Got to go now, mommy is grabbing my leash and her Barkberry. I think it’s time for my walkie. Woof! Woof!


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