New Dogs In The Big Show

The Westminster Kennel Club will hold it’s 137th Annual All Breed Dog Show?Monday and Tuesday, February 11-12, in New York at Madison Square Garden. If you’d like to catch the action in person, get your tickets at Ticketmaster.

There are only two new breeds that have been admitted into the competition this year. Usually, the American Kennel Club ( will consider a breed for recognition if the breed shows a growing popularity around the country.

One of the breeds is the favorite Russell Terrier, considered the ultimate working earth terrier due to their small size and unique chest. They are athletic, intelligent, and fiercely loyal. And perfect for apartment dwellers that want a big dog personality in a small package.

The energetic Treeing Walker Coonhound is the other new breed in the competition. Developed from the Walker Foxhound, the Virginia Hounds, and the earliest English Foxhounds brought to America. The breed is intelligent, confident and sociable.

Live TV coverage starts on Monday, February 11, 8pm-11pm on CNBC?with the judging of Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups. TV coverage continues on Tuesday, February 12, 8pm-11pm on USA Network with the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups, Best In Show.

You can also catch Live breed judging videos throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday on the Westminster Web site.

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