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My friends Ryan and Corinne just brought home the cutest puppy from the local animal shelter. They think she is a lab-sheperd mix. She has the sweetest face and clever eyes. They have named her Matisse.

As new dog owners they weren’t prepared for the multitude of things new fur parents have to do. That is why a product such as the Puppy Starter Kit by Nu BowWow ( is so invaluable.

The creator of the kit faced the same dilemma that my friends did — where to find information and support in one place, and what products are good for your puppy. Inside the kit is the Nu BowWow Survival Guide – an easy to read book full of puppy facts, expert advice and top tips to help enjoy the first days with a new puppy. The Survival Guide gives advice on how to prepare your home, housebreak the puppy and do’s and don’ts of puppy care.

Also in the kit are puppy tested products for furry friends all in one convenient box. Including a leash, collar, food and water bowls, chew toy, all natural puppy treats, new puppy announcements (for the proud new parents), stain remover (puppies have accidents) and clean up bags with dispenser.

There is also an exclusive invitation to connect with the Nu BowWow community created for new puppy owners to post questions and get answers. The Nu BowWow homepage also has other great resources, such as a test to take to see if you are ready for a puppy. And the top 10 list of what to expect in the first days with your new pooch.

To pick up this great Puppy Starter Kit by Nu Bow Wow go to

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