One Of A Kind


Bespoke furniture, custom Saville suits and limited edition designer handbags are what you live for. So why do you buy off the rack when it comes to your pet’s fashion accessories? How do you get her something completely unique that only she has, specifically designed for your pet? By you becoming the designer yourself, what else!

Every dog is unique and so every dog should have a unique collar. Bowwowmeow ( have adorable Collar Kits in three sizes. Use your imagination and creativity to design a one of a kind collar for your one of a kind dog. Each kit comes with an adjustable collar and a set of permanent fabric markers. Draw patterns, designs and doodles. Write your pet’s name, your phone number or anything else you can think of, you’re only limited by your creativity. And obviously Fido will look very stylish wearing an artistic designer collar made by you.

Every collar has to have a leash – you can’t really have one without the other. And every discerning pet would want both accessories to match. Every good dog needs a hand decorated leash. Each Leash Kit comes with an undecorated leash and a set of permanent fabric markers, just like the collar kit.

Metal dog bowls put you off and ceramic ones have designs that don’t fit into your home’s color scheme. So create a one-of-a-kind bowl and serve up a scrumptious doggie dinner or some kitty cuisine in a Pet Bowl you design yourself . The bowl is a special porous glazed ceramic dish and you create your design using 6 vivid non-toxic colored markers. Markers will wash off skin, but will be instantly permanent on your creative masterpiece. No one else will have a magnificent pet bowl quite like it. What’s even better is that it doesn’t need to be fired or baked in the oven. The bowl holds approximately 3 cups of dry food.

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