Orange Is The New Black


The trend pundits are predicting color and lots of it, for the next fashion season. So why not jump right into a burst of bright orange!


April 10th 2008 is Go Orange Day – every year on the anniversary of the founding of the ASPCA ( the organization celebrates by encouraging everyone to Go Orange For Animals. Orange is the official ASPCA color and this is a fantastic way to honor our love of animals on that particular Thursday.

In our hometown of New York City, many iconic Big Apple buildings light up orange including the Empire State Building. Other big cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Philadelphia, will be going orange too.


Head over to Union Square NY between 4-8pm, where humans and four-legged friends are invited to outfit themselves in their brightest orange attire to meet the ASPCA’s adorable, adoptable animals, enjoy live music, and snack on yummy treats. You can also meet the ASPCA’s animal cops from Animal Planet’s Animal Precinct – don’t we all love Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas? By the way, she has four dogs AND four cats!

Don’t have an orange outfit? Then pick up a little something at the ASPCA Online Store.
Who wouldn’t look great in the oh-so-sexy We Are Their Voice Camisole or the ASPCA Orange Wristband. Hey, you can always recycle these for Halloween.


ASPCA experts will also be on hand at Union Square to answer questions about pet care and behavior. Who couldn’t use some free advice? And go home with photos, drawings, pet-personalized merchandise, even your pooch’s “Hollywood” paw prints! Move over Lassie, here’s our own pooch star!

ASPCA Go Orange For Animals
Location Union Square NYC
Time: 4pm – 8pm
More info at

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