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My dog loves to give me gifts. She’ll drop her slimy bone on my tummy as I settle down on the sofa to watch TV in the evening. Or her favorite tennis ball on the bathmat in the morning when I step out of the shower. I nearly slipped and twisted my ankle the first few times she left her tennis ball, but now it makes me smile. She doesn’t stick around to see how I react to her present, she just leaves it and prances off, somehow knowing that the gesture will brighten up my day.

With the holidays around the corner, I’m looking forward to shopping for gifts for my mischievous pooch and reciprocating her generous spirit. Of course it’s just another excuse to put more damage on my credit cards.

One of my preferred shopping destinations is the product page of the North Shore Animal League. Darby my dog loves playing with her football, it’s mangled beyond recognition. If you and your dog are similar sports fanatics, you can get collars and leashes of your sports franchises, along with team doggy gear. Cat lovers can decorate their home with a Nine Lives Pillow or send holiday cards with feline themes. It’s a great store and proceeds go to a very worthwhile cause. (

Also on my shopping list are these cute T-shirts. You and your dog can sport matching T-shirts and be your own stylish duo, much like the Oscar nabbing animated twosome Wallace and Gromit. The cheeky icon is too cute for words and they come in luscious sherbet colors.

Pick them up at

If you’re up for being both naughty and nice these holidays, pick up a Bobbi Panter Pet Sampler Pack. It has 5 bottles of different pet shampoos with impish names like “Stinky Dog” for coats that need deodorizing, or “Bad Hair Day Dog”, a clever shampoo and conditioner in one, for dry and unruly coats. The products are made with soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil. The Spa Gift Basket will also make a nice gift when visiting pet-owner friends.

Available at most leading pet stores around the country or at

My favorite dog wear collection is Kwigy-bo. Their Holiday/Winter line is sure to please the playful pet. Inspired by ski bunny fashion, you can treat your little one to a sparkly sweater or keep her warm with a metallic parka. Most of the sweaters are 100% wool and some are woven with luxurious angora as well. Kwigy-bo is available worldwide at over 250 boutique pet stores.

You can email them at [email protected] to find a store near you.

Check out their Holiday/Winter ’06 Collection at

In New York, you can find them at: Trixie & Peanut, 23 East 20th Street Fetch, 43 Greenwich Avenue Saks, 611 5th Avenue

What are the holidays without yummy treats? As a kid, I used to help my mom bake holiday cookies in different shapes. The malformed ones were always my favorites because it meant they had something extra. Gourmet treats from Chez Puppy will become your pet’s favorites too because their ingredients are all natural and delicious. There are Carob and Oat Dreidels and Pawnut Butter Molasses Stars for Chanukah. There’s also a treat Chez Puppy says you can share with your dog – the Lavender Love Shortbread called Angel Bites. It’s made with real lavender flowers and is a softer treat for older dogs that you can eat as well! Order at On this site, you can also order ribbon magnets, 100% of the proceeds go to Hailie’s Angels of Tri-County Humane Society.

Toll Free: 1.866.900.CHEZ (2439) 562.495.9767 Fax: 253.679.5241

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