PetFinder: What Animal Is Right Up Your Alley?


Not all of us are made to be a pet mommy or daddy. And maybe a fish may be more your style, even if you think that dressing up a pooch, and toting her with you would be so much fun.

When you’re ready to adopt, go to And be sure to watch Animal Planet’s PetFinderTV, where people get matched to a pet– from a dog to a tortoise, and even a pig. It airs on Saturdays 9pm EST. Or watch entire episodes on

Take this tongue-in-cheek test to see who you should be sharing your home with – a creature of feather, fur or scales!

After work –
a) You are Ms Socialite, all parties and cocktails. Sometimes you never even make it home!
b) There’s the occasional dinner with friends and maybe a movie.
c) You like to curl up in front of the telly, watching Ugly Betty and Gray’s Anatomy.

When it rains, you —
a) Hop in a cab and go to the latest restaurant/gallery/store opening.
b) Catch up on your emails and phone calls.
c) Go for jog in the park, or take a walk up 5th Avenue, window shopping.

The chore of laundry, ugh! It’s got to be done, so you —
a) Leave it till you have no more clean underwear, then go to Victoria’s Secret and buy some more.
b) Wait till you have a pile, then force yourself to attack it.
c) Do it like clockwork, every Monday night.

Money and you, a love/hate relationship –
a) Saving is not your strong point, and you’re sometimes a little late with the rent.
b) You hardly buy designer shoes, and only when it goes on sale.
c) You have some squirreled away, you have a healthy bank account.

Growing up, you had –
a) A neighbor who had a cute dog. You think his name was Baxter, or was it Max?
b) A pet that you loved, but Mom was the one who really took care of her.
c) A fish first, then a dog who followed you everywhere.

You live in a nice apartment –
a) With room-mates, but you plan on moving soon. And somehow, all your plants die.
b) But it’s a tiny studio with hardly any breathing room.
c) It’s a pet friendly building and you own your pad.

If you had to describe yourself, you are —
a) An adventurer, in the words of Wayne and Garth “Party On!”
b) A nurturer, all your friends ask you for advice.
c) A believer in commitment, weighing your decisions carefully.

So, what kind of pet should you get?

Mostly a’s: Don’t get a pet! It’s great that you have a tremendous amount of energy for yourself. But taking care of an animal requires time and money, which you don’t seem to be able to spare. Cats and dogs are a real lifelong commitment, so if you haven’t had one before, you might get overwhelmed by the experience. If you feel compelled to get a companion, a fish or a canary may be more your speed. Or if you’re more adventurous, even a reptile, if you aren’t squeamish about feeding it live food! Better still, just enjoy being single.

Mostly b’s: You probably had a pet growing up. Or already have a fish in a cute aquarium in the corner of your living room. You have thought long and hard about sharing your home with a furry creature. If you’re not allergic, get a cat. They will give you the love and companionship you want, but won’t totally take over your life, or your apartment. Curl up with kitty, and you won’t feel guilty if you’ve stayed out too late on a date. Pick the right cat by watching courtesy of

Mostly c’s: It’s woof-woof for you! You’re prepared for a lifelong commitment of dog hair, vet’s bills and walks in all kinds of weather. A dog is the real definition of a companion – she will be with you all the time and give you unwavering adoration. So you’ll have to share your life with her, even when you’re running late for work and she insists she needs to go for a potty walk one more time. It’s a love you’ll never get from anyone else. Get the right dog with the help from folks at

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