You love your dog at home so why not love them in cyberspace also? Obviously the Internet is the place to look for all your wants but it’s also the go-to-place for a doggie’s demands. Some sites aren’t really worth woofing at but others fetch a lot more wags. This month why not check out these great sites while also giving something back to your precious pooch.

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals
Need to spay or neuter your cat? Want to adopt a shelter pet? Well, the Mayor’s Alliance is the best site to sniff for all the animal info you need or don’t realize you need – fostering rescues, microchipping your pet and fundraising help make this site a purebred among mutts. The best part; stay on top of all the dog events in your area so you don’t miss out on any of the four-legged fun. and Catster
Meeting dogs in the park is one thing but shouldn’t your dog be able to keep track of his friends? (Sound familiar?) Friendster has gone to the dogs (and cats) thanks to Dogster and Catster. Thousands of furry friends are purring and pawing each other online everday and now are two of the top pet destinations on the web. Send a woofster request or become pup pals and even get doctor advice if you have any concerns. and

Dogs for the Deaf
Some sites do more good than others and this one is definitely at that top of that list. Dogs for the Deaf works to rescue dogs and then trains them to assist the deaf. These special dogs are rescued from shelters and taught invaluable services. Only 1 in 4 dogs actually complete the hearing dog training but no worries, the other dogs are still adopted and placed in loving homes. Check out the site for more info on hearing dogs and also for donating to Dogs for the Deaf and hats, sweatshirts and even coffee mugs.

Eau de Canine
Nothing is worse than that wet dog smell so why not sweeten up your mutt! Sexy Beast, unique canine style, has unleashed its new perfume on man and canine kind. Unisex Eau de Parfum is the perfect blend of vanilla and bergamot musk combined with mandarin and nutmeg oils. Sounds almost good enough to eat or for your next big night out. But let it go to the dogs, after all, your friendly fido deserves some pampering. At, 1.7oz/$50 and 3.4oz/$65.

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