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If you love the finer things in life, work in the distinctive beauty product industry, and adore your West Highland terrier Zachary, what do you do? For J. Mikel, she distilled these elements in her life together in her creation of FUR (www.FurDogsNYC.com). Zak’s silhouette even became her logo.


The dog grooming products are more like beauty secrets for your pooch. As with all fine organic pet shampoos and conditioners, FUR contains only human grade ingredients, such as the exotic moringa seed extract, which strengthens hair and neutralizes pollutants (Smog! We live in the city after all) and calendula, known for antiseptic attributes.


My frisky three year old dog Darby decided to chase some ducks the other day, right into a muddy lake. She had a lovely aura of Eau De Pong when she emerged, dripping and matted. I immediately shuttered her in the bathroom and gave her a rigorous wash with the Moringa Seed and Calendula Foaming Cleanser. After the soap-free moisturizing shampoo which rinsed super clear, Darby had a fresh citrus scent, with a coat that looked bright and fluffy.

To complete the total spa experience, I used the Foaming Detangler, which is a leave-in treatment boasting to repel dust, detangle knots, add shine and deodorize the dog’s coat. I don’t know if Darby loved the conditioner, but I sure did. The foam went on simply with no sticky residue. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a natural scent. I hate dog grooming products that mask my pooch’s smell with strong perfume. I’m sure Darby’s strong nose hates it too.


Pampering your furry pal is easy-peasy with the products FUR by J.Mikel. And since they are human-grade natural ingredients, pamper yourself too! Pick up a couple of bottles when you’re out getting your cosmetics.

Purchase Online at

Available in New York at —
969 Madison Avenue at 76th Street.
212- 737-5560

New London Pharmacy
246 Eighth Avenue

The Cure Pharmacy
1025A Third Avenue
646- 461-7728

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