Puzzle Your Pup


My pooch Darby loves to tear her toys apart. I’ve bought for her an endless supply of plush animals, from high-end pet stores to cheapie bargains picked up at the 99cent stores. They all yield the same result – the white insides strewn all over the living room floor, like white puffs of tumbleweed. If your pup has the same destructive disposition as mine, you might want to get her one of Kyjen’s range of Puzzle Plush Toys. (www.Kyjen.com/dogtoys).


The Hide-A-Squirrel will bring out her hunting instinct, eliminate boredom and also develop puzzle-solving skills. Just hide the oh-so-cute squirrels inside the plush log for your dog to remove over and over again.


For your killer dog, try the Pull-A-Partswhich are a puzzle and a long-lasting plush toy combined. It’s better for Cujo to take out her frustration on a vet or mailman plush toy than on the real person! Let her pull apart each of the three self-contained pieces without destroying the toy.


If you have a gentler dog that doesn’t seem inclined to tear open her toy, or pull apart a mini person, the Intellibone will keep her amused. Just place the circular soft plush rings around the plush bone center for Fido to detach countless times.


For a mind teaser, give your pet a Chatter Box. When you give these cute funny fleece men a gentle squeeze they mimic the expression that is embroidered on their chest. Mensa-like phrases range from “Whoa!” to “Weee!”. A nice option is the Voice Box is removable for safety, when you’re not around to keep an eye on her.

Toys are available at major pet stores. Or to order online, go to www.Kyjen.com.

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