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Small or large, barking or purring, long-haired or short – no matter what form our pet takes, here at BN we love our animals. And we have our favorite products, services and places for our furry friends.


The eastside Tomy Maugeri Dog Salon ( is a favorite of our multi-hyphenated Founder-Publisher-Beauty Editor Kimberly McDonald and her dogs. Says Kimberly, “They do a great job and they actually LOVE animals so they are so sweet to my girls.” With 3 locations in Manhattan and both dog & cat grooming, your pet is only a short saunter away from being pampered.

Tomy Maugeri Dog Salon
Eastside 450 East 81st Street (between 1st & York). Tel: 212-861-6700
Westside 66 West 84th Street (bet CPW & Columbus). Tel: 212-362-7423
Downtown 256 West 15th Street (between 7th & 8th). Tel: 212-463-7517


Dog Run
Our bonny Metro Mama/Baby Editor Bonnie Kimberly Taylor smiles when she sees the dogs at Chelsea Waterside Park. She says, “I stroll by there and see pooches perched upon a long stretch of timber and suddenly I feel as though I’m no longer in Chelsea. I can’t resist watching them frolic together.” The dog run is made with special stay-cool asphalt and the 24-foot fake tree trunk is a great perch for adventurous dogs.

Chelsea Waterside Park Dog Run
22nd Street & 11th Avenue, Chelsea
Open 6am to 1am unless otherwise posted


Stephanie Ila Silva, our Spa Editor is in tune with all that is tranquil in the city. So when she wanted stress-free training for her dog, she turned to trainer Waleed Maalouf at Canine Complete Inc ( Says Stephanie, “Waleed is a lot of fun to work with…and he’s like the dog whisperer!” They offer training at your home and at their facility with a free initial consultation. And for those owners who don’t have the time or patience for beginner training, Canine Complete offers Board and Train, where your dog stays at their facility and learns all the basic commands.

Canine Complete Inc
Trainer: Waleed Maalouf
Tel: 646-235-0586

Stephanie also recommends family owned Sandy’s Doggie and Kitty Spa. Reliable and friendly, this daycare offers cage-less boarding.

Sandy’s Doggie and Kitty Spa
311 Eat 92nd Street off 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10128
Tel: 212-410-2150


Travelling and animals are two things that Metro Pets Editor Sharon Gomes Thomas enjoys. So the Kimpton Hotel chain ( is a perfect choice when she travels with her Irish Setter. “Happily for me and my dog, the Kimpton hotels are extremely dog welcoming, and their pet friendly rooms are often their premium rooms too.” All their well-appointed hotels throughout the US are pet-friendly, offering VIP (Very Important Pets) programs such as spa treatments, pet beds, toys and treats. Read her past review in our September 2006 Metro Pets section.

Kimpton Hotels
Tel: 1-800-KIMPTON (1-800-546-7866)

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, why not rescue a Pug or Shiba Inu? Pugs are the dog of choice for BN’s Kathryn Holl: “I love seeing them in the city and think they are just the cutest dogs.” As for writer Yelena Moroz, she has a soft spot for Shiba Inu dogs: “I love, love, love Shiba Inu…they have a cute little tail that curls up like a little pigs!

Pug Rescue

Shiba Inu Rescue

Sound Off!
BNNYC is planning to sound off in September, with our Pet Peeves. If something pet related annoys you, share it with our Metro Pets Editor at [email protected]. Just a couple of lines, nothing too long please, with your name (first names only are OK) and area where you live. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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