Stocking Stuffers That Keep On Giving


Stumped for that little gift for an office mate? Or a thank you present for a thoughtful neighbor. And don’t forget your new BFF and workout buddy from the gym. You don’t need to have a dog or cat to get these great stocking stuffers that keep on giving.


Give back to Mother Nature in this season of giving with Handmade Acai Bracelets from the World Worldlife Fund Gift Center ( This set of three traditional craft bracelets is handmade out of acai seeds by indigenous people of the Amazon through a fair trade relationship. The holidays are a perfect time to support positive approaches to conservation.


Everyone needs a bag to tote all their presents and from Grandma’s. Let your friend show her commitment to conservation everywhere she goes with the Jute Bag. This handy carry-all tote is made from natural jute and canvas. Also perfect for groceries from farmer’s market, or shoe shopping. From the World Worldlife Fund Gift Center (


Who doesn’t love a mischievous chimpanzee? Give a special soft and cuddly Chimpanzee Package from The Chimp Haven ( which includes C.A.R.E. Sponsorship, Trading Card and Offical Certificate of Sponsorship. The Chimp Haven serves as the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It’s an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide lifetime care for chimpanzees that have been retired from medical research, the entertainment industry or no longer wanted as pets.


Give a stocking, ready to be stuffed by Santa. This detailed wool Needlepoint Breed Stocking from The Humane Society’s’ Humane Domain ( depicts a unique holiday scene. Available from nearly 20 breeds, you can get it embroidered it with a special name.


Give a smile and sparkle with the Jingle Cat Ornament from the ASPCA store ( This whimsical design is hand-crafted by artisans in Thailand from sheets of nickel, copper and brass. The assembled pieces are then hand-engraved to add detail.

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