Sweet Potato Rawhide? Check Out Sam’s Yams

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There are a lot of us nowadays that don’t want to give our dogs rawhide. It’s not just because raw hide tends to bring out the raging animal in some dogs, nor is it that most raw hide is produced in third world countries and doesn’t have to pass USDA inspection (since it’s not for human consumption). Neither is it just because chunks of swallowed raw hide can cause a blockage in your dog’s intestines. No, the real reason we don’t like it is because when our dogs chew on this stuff, it makes a nasty, pasty stain on our carpets and furniture that just never seems to come out of the fabric. Blech! But, oh, how Princess loves her chewy treats. We can’t take that away from her! Well thank Sam for the yam – yam rawhide, that is. Princess won’t miss a thing, but she’ll gain a lot.

[b]Sam’s Yams[/b], made by [b]Front Porch Pets[/b], are the answer for every dog owner who was wishing for clean carpets, a healthy chewy treat and a happy dog all in one shot. Made from dehydrated sweet potatoes, these treats are rich in vitamins and high in anti-oxidants, and because they are naturally formed (not created from a mixture and poured into a mold) they break down naturally in your dog’s stomach. There is no artificial color, no unpleasant odor (unless you’ve got something against the smell of sweet potatoes), and no surprise ingredients to cause an allergic reaction in your dog. Just straight sweet potato goodness in every bite.

Sam’s Yams are the perfect healthy chew for any size dogs, because they come in three sizes – Veggie Rawhide, for dogs of all sizes; Big Boyz, for larger dogs, or small dogs that need more to chew on; and Bichon Fries, for small dogs, or as treats for larger dogs. The chews also have ridges that help clean your dog’s teeth as they chew. Such a nice favor from Sam, huh? Now if they could only walk your dog, too… that’s asking for too much, isn’t it?

Speaking of walking your dog, let me warn you from personal experience to not overdo it on sweet potato treats for your dog, especially at first. The flow of bright orange I saw emerge the next morning was surprising, to say the least! Everything in moderation, folks. Yes, they’re healthy, but that doesn’t mean feed half a bag in one evening.

The many benefits of sweet potato raw hide can be found on the Front Porch website at [url=http://www.frontporchpets.com/index.html]http://www.frontporchpets.com/index.html[/url]. You can purchase Sam’s Yams through their company website, or from [url=http://www.petfooddirect.com]www.petfooddirect.com[/url].

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