The Apartment-Broken Dog

It’s 11pm and all you want to do is fall asleep on the couch while watching TV. But wait, you have to walk the dog first. You begrudgingly put on your shoes, socks and jacket, wait for the elevator, go outside in the rain and run into someone you haven’t seen in 10 years and there you are, no makeup on and in your pajamas. And your dog is just taking his time as if you didn’t have to get up and go to work in the morning. Sound familiar? Well, with these indoor and outdoor dog potty solutions, you might actually stop asking yourself why you didn’t just get a cat.

Indoor Potties

Wee-wee pads have always been the small dog’s answer to minimizing the number of walks a dog gets in a day (though hopefully not minimizing the amount of exercise). They’ve put your mind at ease when you’re stuck in traffic or it is pouring rain outside. But wee-wee pads have their limitations. My dog has perfected the ‘half-on-half-off” scenario while other dogs like to scratch them up and destroy them. Meanwhile, your floor is covered with paw tracks of god knows what and despite all the used wee-wee pads strewn throughout the apartment, your area rugs still smell conspicuously like pee. You’ve tried the frame that holds the wee-wee pad in place and attempts to give a more ‘finished’ appearance but your dog tears that apart too. Well, here are two good alternatives for you:

The Wizdog

With the Wizdog, you can enjoy a paw-print-free floor and a very easy cleanup. Consisting of a durable bright blue plastic pan and fitted grate, liquid waste dispenses through the grate onto newspaper or a pee pad, separated from your dog’s paws (save money and help the environment by opting for the newspaper). Solid waste stays on top of the grate, so you never have to touch it. Just flip the grate, and it’s gone. Visit the website to purchase the grate as well as other potty-related products any dog owner will want on hand – like their WizOff Enzyme Solution – Dog Stain and Odor Remover 16oz bottle with handy carpet brush which is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty

Another great option is the Ugodog. This stylish (a neutral taupe) indoor dog toilet works similarly to the Wizdog but uses a 2-grate system for a very easy cleanup. And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? For great tips on how to use positive reinforcement to train your dog to use the Ugodog, visit Hopefully, your dog will take to these products as easily as mine did.

Outdoor/Indoor Patio Potties

Pet Patio Potty™ from Doggy Solutions

It’s no expansive backyard but outdoor space, be it in the form of a patio or small balcony, is still a hot commodity when living in the city. And it’s especially nice for the housebroken dog who will only do his business outdoors. The Pet Patio Potty™ from Doggy Solutions has a unique, patent pending layered design that consists of an attractive redwood or polyethylene box frame and removable trays suitable to hold either gravel or synthetic K9 Grass™ (or even real sod or wood pellets). My dog loves the grass and it looks great amongst the patio furniture. The pictures on the site don’t do this product justice. It’s pretty substantial and quality-made. The trays are positioned over a layer of kitty litter, yes, kitty litter, or dry absorbent material. Your pet’s urine drains through to the litter below the trays thus reducing the development of any unpleasant odor and making cleaning the unit a snap!

The Elevated Canopy Pet Patio Potty™ is great for unprotected outdoor patios and the Sunbrella™ canvas cover is included with each Low Profile potty so that it can be covered during particularly bad storms or when entertaining. If you don’t have an outdoor space, don’t fret. The Pet Patio can be used indoors too. And for the male dog who lifts his leg? Check out the Male Pet Patio Potty™. This company has truly thought of everything! Visit for more information on how it works and for other helpful ‘doggy solutions’ (i.e. a CD of canine lullabies anyone?).

So, go enjoy that TV show on your couch and don’t fret if you fall asleep. Your dog will be okay.