The Salty Paw: For Downtown Doggies]


It may seem that on every other corner of New York City,you’ll stumble across a cute pet boutique or a showy doggy daycare. However,some neighborhoods are more blessed than others when it comes to a choice of discerning stores. If you live downtown near the eastern part of the financial district,an area not exactly bustling with residential buildings,your choices are somewhat limited. That’s why Tom Bruin, a South Street Seaport resident and his two Maltese puppies are thankful for The Salty Paw.

Beauty News: Why is The Salty Paw your favorite pet boutique?
Tom Bruin: Because it really isn’t just one thing. It’s a pet store,a daycare and a grooming spa. It’s infinitely convenient to have all three in one location. The Seaport area doesn’t have a lot of stores,aside from the usual ones catering to the office crowd. The Salty Paw is different.

BN: So your credit card has seen some damage in the Salty Paw Boutique?
TB: (Laughs).Yes,definitely! I get organic dog food for Bogey and Bacall (Tom’s Maltese dogs) as well as their dog bowls. And of course,they practically get a new toy every week.

BN: They also make custom coats from Black Dog Farms.
TB:And I think dog slings too. I haven’t ordered the custom coats because there always seems to be off-the-rack jackets for my dogs anyway. But I can see howsomeone with a pudgy dachshund,for example, may get some specially made.

BN: Do you use The Salty Paw Grooming Spa services for your dogs?
TB:I actually give Bogey and Bacall their baths at home. But I get a little squeamish about trimming their nails. So I go to Salty for that.

BN:And of course The Salty Paw’s Day Camp?
TB:My babies adore daycare! Salty only accepts dogs 25lbs or under,so all the pooches there are just their size. Also,there’s a 3 day initial trial,so the dogs get a rigorous assessment. I was really miffed about the 3 day trail when I signed up,but now I can see why it needs to happen.

BN: So what’s the best thing about the Salty Paw?
TB:That there are all these great restaurants a stone’s throw away,where I can have dinner outside with Bogey and Bacall! Although,it’s getting cold now,so that doesn’t happen as often as I like!

The Salty Paw
Grooming Spa, Doggy Daycare and Boutique
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