Trials, Tribulations & Treats with My Dog

Photo by PK Greenfield

If you read my June article on Stella & Chewy’s food line, you’ll recall the dilemma with my dog and her refusal to eat. The saga continues…well, sort of.

I discovered a new line of pet products that is organic, made in America, and includes everything from hand-made treats to pet beds: Organic Pet Boutique (OPB).

Owners, Len and Shana Bentivegna, established OPB in response to the pet poisonings in 2007 from foods imported from China. My dog, Chi (pictured above), was hospitalized for 2 weeks at the Blue Pearl Veterinarian Hospital during this epidemic. Due to the care and emergency treatment from the professional staff, we were one of the lucky ones and she survived after I fed her tainted chicken jerky from China. Since then, I only feed her American-made products and OPB fits the bill.

But remember, my dog dines more like a cat.

Lets start with the biscuits: Blueberry Energy Snaps, I open the bag and it smells like a blueberry field has taken over my home. Hhmmm! I almost poured myself a glass of milk, but I stop myself and call for Chi to try this new treat. She comes to my side and I lovingly convince her that something great is about to be served.

Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! Her nose twitches, her puppy eyes bloom and her mouth zips shut. “Are you kidding me? Even I want to eat one,” I tell her. “Listen! You have to try at least one biscuit or I’m changing your name to Weirdo.” I rip open the Apple & Mint Breath Biscuits and gently coax her to try one. “Please, just a nibble,” I plead. She’s not having any part of this. “You know, Chi, you are one of the seven strangest dogs that I’ve ever met,” I tell her as I open the Coconut Skin & Coat treats. Same results.

That’s when I had an epiphany. We live in an apartment building that holds 400 units; there are well over 100 dogs under this roooof. Unbeknownst to my strange but adorable pooch, I had a plan set for the next morning.

Jake and Laya feed OPB treats to Marcel and Prince

Sitting in the lobby with Chi and my assortment of Organic Pet Boutique treats, I waited for every four-legged friend and owner to pass. “Can I give your dog a treat?” I called to each dog-owner and dog-walker. Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! A Black Labrador named, Buddy, devoured the treat. “Hi Linda,” I called to a friend. “Can I give a treat to Webster and Harry?” The two wild-hair Terriers enjoy them with wagging tails. Two adorable Morkies (Maltese/Yorkie), Marcel and Prince, practically dive into the Apple & Mint Biscuits bag. Their owner Layla and Uncle Jake suggest that I add a little water and crumble up the treat for Chi. So I tried it and BINGO was his name-oh! That did it. Chi now eats the biscuit. Next thing I know, the lobby has turned into a Roverpalooza.

I like the idea of buying American-made products, and if you have a problem with your dog eating dry foods or biscuits, try adding a little water.

Oh, and Chi will remain Chi; her full name is Chihuahua (pronounced: Chee-hoo-ah-hoo-ah) — I guess she is not the only ‘weirdo’ in the family.

Organic Pet Boutique can be purchased at ORGANIC PET BOUTIQUE.

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