Turn On Your Pup Light


My pooch Darby must hide a watch somewhere on her furry body. Or she’s highly perceptive. Without fail, when my favorite prime-time TV show ends, she’ll jump up from her sleeping spot and start prancing around the living room. That’s her indicator that she wants to go out, her last time before bed.

I’ll put on my standard dog-walking glam outfit – old sweats, sneakers and hoodie if it’s chilly. Thankfully, it’s dark and no one can see my dreaded state. However, the dark is also treacherous at Darby’s favorite park, a block from my home. Sometimes, she eats dubious items off the road before I see her do it. Or, the klutz that I am, I trip over a rock in the park. In the past, I’ve tried using a lighted collar on my dog but she hates it because it shines right into her eyes. And handheld flashlights are cumbersome, with the leash in one hand and the pick-up bag in the other.


Instead, I’ve been using the Pup Light (www.puplight.com) for the past week and it’s been great. It’s an LED wide-angled flashlight that not only illuminates our walk but also makes us visible to on-coming traffic. The water-resistant light comes with an adjustable band, so I snap it on my dog in addition to her collar. And the flashlight itself can be angled down to the road, away from her eyes.

The makers of Pup Light also claim that it will help dogs with failing vision and keep away small critters like skunks. It also has the added convenience of using three AAA batteries, making it much easier to replace than watch batteries that similar products require. And it’s adjustable for smaller dogs too.

The days are getting longer, so we may need to use it less during the summer. Maybe Darby won’t mind too much if I borrow it for my pre-dawn runs!

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