Waggit, you may want to tag it

Every day when you take your dog out for her daily walk, you bump into other pet parents. Admit it, most of the time you don’t even bother to say hello – you let the dogs sniff each other out and you move on. And although you and the other pet parent both live in the same neighborhood and obviously share a love for animals, you don’t really know the other person, yet you see them every day. Don’t you make friends with strangers on online sites all the time, folks you never meet and who probably have less in common with than other pet parents.

Well, maybe it’s time to tag Waggit (http://www.waggit.com). It’s time to make friends with other pet parents in your neighborhood who can help you out if you ever need a helping hand. Over the holidays, you may have been forced to board your beloved pet. And as you discovered, a reputable kennel can cost a hefty amount of money a night, and professional pet sitters can be even more expensive.

Waggit offers an alternative. Instead of dropping off Fido at a kennel or begging your friends to help out, there’s a new online community that let’s pet parents connect with people in their New York neighborhood and exchange dog sitting favors. Waggit helps pet owners build a network of local friends. It’s free to join and is a great alternative to paying for costly professional services or boarding your pet.

Even if you don’t need a dog sitter, use Waggit to spot familiar faces from the dog park and break the ice to set up doggie play dates, arrange a shared dog walker or offer up day care. ??Waggit, founded by Audrey Tan, is a NYC based tech startup and overall winner of the Nov 2011 Startup Weekend competition. Here’s a video of how Waggit works – http://waggit.com/how

Keep in mind that the folks offering dog walking or sitting services on Waggit are not professionals, so they don’t have the required business licenses or insurance that professional dos walkers or kennels have. This is a site introducing you to other dog owners in your neighborhood. It doesn’t guarantee their services or conduct. Make sure you sniff out these folks thoroughly before considering trusting someone with your pet or your apartment key!

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