A “Fresh” Start From Head To Toe


Just when you got used to writing ’03 on your checks, it changed again. Yeah, it’s that time of year. That time when you swear you’ll be healthier, give up stuff and all those other ridiculous resolutions that rarely last a week, no mind a year.

So let me suggest a little boost for ’04 that’s not so hard to stick to. Something to help you rejuvenate your “outer” self after all that boozing, (or whatever you did), over the holidays.

Step 1: Forget the guilt trip.
Step 2: Give yourself a “Fresh” start….literally.

Still don’t get it? I’m talking about “Fresh” – the innovative skincare/cosmetic company that was borne out of the union of two Russian emigrants (Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg) and a bar of soap. They opened their first store on Tremont Street in Boston in the early 90’s. (If you want to learn more about the Russian love story go to www.fresh.com).

After a decade of innovative experimentation and careful study of healing herbs and organic products, the “Fresh” couple continue to combine their wisdom of traditional remedies with an ever-expanding range of natural ingredients and cutting edge technology. And so offers a new, approach to personal care, beauty and well being. Everything from head to toe.

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Brown Sugah
I know I should start from head to toe but I’m too impatient. So let me start with the body. Here’s something I loved so much I tried to eat it…well I wanted to but I didn’t actually…anyway it’s called Brown Sugar Body Polish. And it really will leave you shining! This scrumptious exfoliant is a mix of natural ingredients that remove dirt and toxins from the skin as well as 5 oils that completely calm irritated skin, revitalize and moisturize tired skin. Plus, with arnica and passiflora, you’ll also improve circulation and cool muscles. If all of that is not enough, Body Polish is a great way to massage your skin and at least try eliminate cellulite. Not that I can guarantee any results but it definitely makes your skin feel more invigorated. For $58.00 for a big jar (400 grams), you can indulge in Body Polish every day. Though a nice relaxing bath is probably the best way to use it.

Make Headway
Always experimenting with new ingredients and innovative formulas, the Fresh duo, Lev and Alina put their heads together again to come up with Fresh Haircare. This time, they looked at Fresh favorites like soy, milk, rice, rose and Umbrian Clay with new eyes and extracted and exerted their therapeutic actions in cleansing, conditioning and styling all hair types.

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Take a roll in the meadows
If you have very dry, parched tresses like mine, try Fresh Meadowfoam Cream Conditioner. It’s the best remedy for a bad hair hangover, if you know what I mean. This ultra-rich treatment really helps to bring the shine back and makes your hair more soft and manageable. Made of resilient meadowfoam seed oil, it seals in moisture and nourishes over-dried scalps.

(Need a new shampoo? Try Fresh Soy or Rice Shampoo before you condition. Amazing!).

Repair and Restore for ’04
Sound too good to be true? That’s what I though, until I tried it. This target age-specific formula is great for dry, wrinkle-prone skin. Let’s start with the face. Repair And Restore Face Balm contains ingredients like Torch Lily nectar & Fresh™ AVRC, to protect your complexion against free radicals. There’s also iris root, oenothera extract that protect collagen synthesis. It’s even got brightening peony that restores radiance and blackcurrant and camellia seed oils to hydrate and nourish. Won’t remember all that? No worries. Just slather it on…your skin will thank you.

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Keep your eyes on this And my favorite Fresh product? Repair and Restore Eye Balm. (Brown Sugar is next). After a few applications you can feel and see a difference. Perhaps that’s because it’s a unique blend of highly developed botanicals that smooth expression lines, increase firmness and elasticity – and feel very good on your skin. With natural calming chamomile and cucumber extracts, vital moisture is sealed in as well as green tea and grapeseed polyphenols that defend skin against aging free radicals. In other words, that delicate, skin area will become moisturized and appear less wrinkled. Which is probably a good thing. Because at $65.00 a pop for just 15 ml, you definitely want to see a difference. And you will, believe me. Go try it.

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Inspiration – not perspiration
One more. How ’bout a new, more natural deodorant this year? Try Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Deodorant. This all-natural alkaline, non-alcohol roll-on is enhanced with astringent rosemary extract and lemon oil and balancing and soothing lavender and mint waters that add refreshing scent. Not to a mention non-staining, fast-drying deodorant that feels lighter and less irritable on your skin.

Now get Fresh
Dr. Zhivago aside, Fresh is fresh for a reason. It’s always thinking of new ways to create natural products that work. Really work. So there you go. You’re all ready to give yourself a Fresh start. How easy was that!

For more information on all Fresh products, go to www.fresh.com.

Or better yet, visit their NYC stores below. Or go to any Sephora store, as well as Barneys and Bergdorf’s, and you’ll see just how popular they are.

1061 Madison Ave.
Phone: 212-396-0344

57 Spring Street
Phone: 212-925-0099

388 Bleeker Street
Phone: 917-408-1850

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