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OK. I have to fess up. As the “all natural” beauty writer I must admit not all the products I’ve written about are in fact “all natural”. Before you gasp, or start screaming for your money back, just remember it’s practically impossible to have 100% all natural sunblocks, skin creams, etc. Most of them have preservatives in them so they don’t “go bad” after you use them.

Nonetheless, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found one that’s really as “all natural” as it can be. One that actually deserves to have “all natural” on its labels.

The name, Nati Beltrà¡n. And her products, simply Nati Beltrà¡n Organics. And what struck me most about this Spanish herbalist was just how natural she is herself. Her interest in organic products goes well beyond the creams and bath salts she makes. She offers an alternative, a truly organic alternative to conventional mass-produced cosmetics. She simply wants to offer another option, a healthier more natural one that is less damaging and more conscious of the environment.

To give you an idea of just how natural Nati’s products are, here’s what you won’t find in them:

* No artificial chemicals
* No synthetic fragrances
* No additives
* No preservatives
* No pesticides

What about “vitamins” you ask? Nati considers them as chemicals and only uses them when necessary to preserve the scents of essential oils. What you do get are the highest quality, unadulterated ingredients. Ingredients that are certified organic, ethically wildcrafted and pesticide free for truly therapeutic, health-enhancing products. And that’s not all. What I loved was not only the fact that the glass and metal packaging is ecologically sound (both are easily recyclable), but also the fact that Nati designs her own labels, found the exact containers she wanted and wrote all the collateral herself! She does everything herself yet seems quite shy and understated when it comes to self-promotion. Only for her husband, Matt I’d never have gotten a photo of her.

Which leads me to the NB products themselves. You can get these all natural products for bath & body, facial care, moms to be, and even baby care.

How about a bath of pure essential oils and organic herbs that give you the added benefits of aromatherapy and herbal medicine? Try Rejuvenate Mineral Bath Salts. Just open the lid and the mint scent of the peppermint with rosemary and green tea will instantly invigorate you. There’s also Unwind, Sports, Warming and Passion for a more sensual experience!

Scrub a-dub-dub
I really love are the Nati’s Salt Scrubs. These gentle exfoliating sea salts are made from a softening blend of natural oils. They’re a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase detoxification and cleansing. Try the Lavender/Unwind scrub or the Rosemary/rejuvenate or the Hands and feet to get rid of callused areas on your feet or hands. These oils are delicious!

Deep tissue with a twist

Nati also brings her herbalist background to the forefront with her aromatic, muscle relaxing, luxurious blend of Nati Beltran Herbal oils. Made from infusing herbs in oils like jojoba, sunflower and wheat germ oils, Nati. Try the crimson Midnight massage herbal oil for a late romantic body massage!

For those steamy nights…
Deep clean your skin with Nati’s Herbal Facial Steams. There’s one for dry and one for oily skin. You’ll glow in more ways than one…

Rioja anybody?

I tried the Rioja-red Clay Mask for dry skin. The red color from the superfine red mineral clay that’s so pure on your skin draws out all the impurities from the night before. I followed up with a dab of the Calendula Cream that sank into my skin immediately. It’s recommended for babies and babes alike!

Lip Service
I use all 4 flavors of Nati’s “addictive” lip balms: citrus, mint, vanilla, and my favorite, spice. Hmmm. These are 100% all natural, all organic balms that make you want to pout all day.

A bit of a stretch?
Nati doesn’t forget about Moms to be. Her Pregnant Belly Cream and Belly Balm contain nutritive oils, aloe vera and calendula that enhance the skin’s elasticity and prevent stretch marks. Why wait till your pregnant to use it?

Oh Baby!
Of course, when your little bundle of joy does arrive you can pamper it with Herbal Baby Powder or Baby Relief Powder, both made of ultra-fine clay and natural arrowroot starch instead of talc.

And for that other baby in your life, you can surprise him with Nati’s Spice Rum Aftershave. He may even enjoy shaving again!

I could go on and on, but why not learn more about Nati Beltran’s products yourself.

Just visit the new website, it should be out sometime this summer. Go to and discover what’s so special about “all natural” products. Be the first to see the difference…and be the first to say you heard about NB here. These products are going to be flying off the shelves soon. Because believe me there’s nothing out there that’s as natural or wonderful as Nati Beltran’s Organics.

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