All Natural Living’s Top Organic, Socially Conscious, Charitable Companies of 2007


Who: My Family Farm
What: Cookies and Crackers that contain:
No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
No Hydrogenated Oils (Trans Fat) and never did
Are Certified Organic and/or All Natural
Are Kosher Certified
Are Healthy Snack Alternatives

Why: Their mission is “Baking the world a better place”. By donating their net profits from the sale of their natural and organic crackers and cookies to children’s charities. Just named Prevent Child Abuse America, the nations leading child abuse organization, as their new charity partner.


Who: Max Green Alchemy
What: Skincare, Lipcare, Haircare, hand n’ footcare
Why: A “small” environmentally conscious company that strives to craft the finest personal products that are made from the purest ingredients. They’re passionate about products that respect our internal and external environments without sacrificing effectiveness or lowering expectations.


Who: Pangea Organics. (It would be simply impossible not to include this company in a list of organic, socially conscious companies. Founder, CEO Joshua Onysko is my hero!)
What: Skincare, Facial care, body care, with the best ingredients at the bets prices.
Why: Because they love making things that are good for you, good for the earth, good for their workers, good for causes. Simply good for everyone.
Where: *go vote for them for 2006 Co-Op America’s People Choice Award as your favorite “green” company:

Who: Luna Bars, the health bars made by women for women.
What: The most delicious, nutritious health bars that are created by women for women. (though men are allowed to take a bit or two!).
Why: If you haven’t heard about Luna Fest, the national traveling film festival with shorts from women around the world go check it out. In addition, Luna is dedicated to
supporting women around the world by empowering them. That’s why they support great causes like the Breast Cancer Fund and V Day, ending violence against girls and women.


Who: California Baby
What: Natural, organic products for skin, hair, baby and body. Also do bug repellants, accessories and natural pregnancy products.

Why: Owner Jessica Iclisoy is showing her support for October Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating 15% of all proceeds of their ” “I Love You” range of products for the California Baby Breast Cancer Research Program.
Where: check them out and see how good it feels to slather your body and baby in all natural wholesome care.

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