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The Ciminelli Solution: A deeper read on inner beauty

When I set out to cover this topic of all natural alternative solutions to going under the knife, I knew I’d cover skincare lines, treatments, and supplements, exercises, and diet. But now there’s something new to add to the list…a book, or rather a bible on better health for better skin. It’s Susan Ciminelli’s latest achievement: “The Ciminelli Solution: 7 Days to Better Health”

For those of you who may not know Susan, her famous day spa is located above Bergdorf’s on the 9th floor where models and actresses alike flock to get the “Ciminelli Glow.” Apparently, Jennifer Lopez can’t live without her Marine Lotion.

But regardless of all the hype and stardom, Susan has a very down-to-earth approach to beauty. One that is an honest, in-depth study that looks to your health for real answers. For years now, Susan has recognized that what you see on your face is a direct result of what’s happening elsewhere in your body. So blemishes, dry skin, premature wrinkles, enlarged pores are a direct result of toxins in your body, poor eating habits, stress and a lack of harmony.

I’ll always remember my first facial with her. She could tell I was wolfing down my lunch on a regular basis, which was causing blockage in my skin. She was right! So now I make a conscious effort to stop and take a few breaths and chew each mouthful to taste it and digest it even more. Now if I only I could do that with wine!

What I really love about this easy-to-read guide it doesn’t matter if you’re an organic guru or simply someone who’s interested in healthier living practices, there’s something in here for everyone. There’s nothing preachy here and nothing that requires you to measure out foods like those other annoying diet books that you end up giving up on. It’s all worked out for you. All you have to do is follow the simple recipes. And believe me if I can make a miso soup that takes 2 minutes to prepare, so can you.

As a busy city person herself, Susan recognizes that we have no time to laze around all day making up formulas or creating meals that take hours. Instead she writes in a healing and helpful tone. You get the picture that here’s a guru who’s genuinely interested in our well-being. Susan even talks about her youth when her skin was so bad she turned to her grandmother’s garden of herbs to make her own all natural concoctions that soothed and relieved her stressed out complexion.

So in addition to incredibly insightful theories that connect your diet to your complexion, what does this book offer? A lot. Susan divulges effective secrets and recipes that until now only her lucky spa clients in Bergdorf’s and Montecito had access to.

– 256 pages chockfull of healthy information
– Detox plan for dry, normal and combination skin
– Healing recipes for reactive skin
– How to get the “Ciminelli Gow”
– Recipes for age-defying/dry/oily complexions
– Simple steps to cleaner, younger, revitalized skin
– Solutions for common skincare problems

From an easy-to-follow 7-day plan to detoxifying recipes and full-body makeovers, to how to shop and stock your pantry, there is a wealth of knowledge here that is so invaluable and interesting, you’ll find yourself turning to it several times at home. And to prove how just how effective these recipes and advice are, I know a well-known beauty/PR editor who tried Susan’s 7-day detox and lost eight pounds, shrunk her rather enlarged pores, and made her rosacea disappear. I never saw her look this way before. She has changed her eating and skincare habits and has been glowing ever since.

The Ciminelli Solution is changing health habits and improving complexions worldwide. Be one of the first to see what it can do for yours. It’s in all major bookstores on April 11th. And to see the woman in action, drop by Susan Ciminelli day spa on 9th floor, above Bergdorf’s. (Take a look at her radiant skin – I won’t tell you her age. You wouldn’t believe me anyway!)

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