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Massage Your Way To A Smoother, Softer Complexion With Jo Malone

You know the name from her delicious, delicate, all-natural fruit and flower inspired fragrances — the ones that put those other pungent designer scents to shame. But did you know that before her fragrance fame, Jo Malone made her very own skincare products? Skincare has always been at the forefront of JM’s business. Refusing science, technology or unnatural ingredients, JM has always believed in the power of human touch: the magic of using your hands. And by creating her very own products at home that leveraged the goodness of herbs and essential oils, Jo Malone looks to nature and massage to respond to the needs of our skin. I was lucky enough to discover all this when I recently dropped into the store and had one of the most amazing face massage rituals ever. (To call it merely a facial would completely undermine the experience.) My skin looked so rejuvenated and refreshed, I became a true believer in the powerful effects of human touch.

What I realized after the 120-minute treatment is that massage can do a lot more for wrinkles, skin texture and maintaining your radiance than many products or so-called anti-aging miracles. The woman behind the JM Massage, Kristen Kammeraad, not only does justice to JM products, but also reveals how massage can benefit your complexion and skin like nothing else.

Trained by Jo Malone in her London headquarters, Kristen’s power of touch, massage and application techniques not only leave your skin thoroughly revived, but she offers something even more unique. You realize that this masseuse is so immersed in the process, that her energy fills the room as she educates you on what she’s going to do next. At one point I took a quick glimpse to see Kristen at work. She throws her whole body and soul into this. And within minutes of speaking with her, it becomes obvious that she is very well educated about herbs, massage, and what each person’s skin needs. You can relax knowing she is going to give you the best of care, with the best of ingredients all in a candlelit room that emits delicious natural aromatherapy scents that take you far away from the Flatiron shop on Broadway.

Deciding that my skin was dry and needed some revival, Kristen suggested a plan of action that was more about nourishment than extraction. If you think you’re going to be steamed and de-pimpled, think again. This is about calming the skin, bringing oils to the surface, stimulating circulation and tightening certain skin tissues that can go flabby with age, stress and poor diet. The results are visible and long lasting. You may leave feeling a little out of it. But take a look at your skin next day. It will appear more rejuvenated as if it has just regained its natural radiance.

“By understanding your skin care signals and good skin care practices, you can encourage your skin to achieve its optimum effects”
– Jo Malone

Using a number of Jo Malone products, Kristen picked ones best suited to my needs. As you’ll see, she used many to encourage my skin’s radiance. After analyzing the texture, she gently cleaned my pores with Avocado Cleansing Milk. This light delicious creamy lotion removes all traces of makeup and since it’s full of avocado, it nourishes skin in addition to cleaning it. After the cleanser, Kristen applied Rosemary Lavender Skin Tonic, a gentle toner that purifies the skin. Rosemary extracts help balance insensitivities and calm the skin. Next up, Vitamin E Gel. I highly recommend this for extra dry skin. Rich in vitamin E, anti-oxidants, it helps fortify the skin against the effects of weather, sun and stress. Best of all you can combine this formula with other products to enrich your moisturizer. Kristen then applied Protein Skin Serum, a concentrated moisturizer infused with proteins, anti-oxidants and other ingredients that soften lines, wrinkles and the visible signs of aging. Time for Face Refining Serum, a flower based formula that uses mulberry and grape seed to brighten, clarify and restore your skin’s natural glow. This smells heavenly!

Layer after layer, the massage continues as Kristen moves on to the more nourishing moisturizers for deeper hydration. Ginseng Day Moisturizing Cream with active ginseng to help boost skin’s natural resources (a real lift for your skin) followed by Apricot & Aloe Eye Gel, a cooling treatment for eyes that reduces puffiness and finally Green Tea and Honey Eye Cream, a luscious eye treatment full of green tea, anti-oxidants and honey to hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of under eye circles and calm the delicate skin around the eye.

One thing I must add is that Kristen actually whips up a little natural yogurt mask to really invigorate your skin. Using all natural yogurt, and Vitamin E gel, she exfoliates your skin to help balance its texture. After removing the concoction with a warm face cloth, she tops your face off with Rosemary and Lavender tonic to prepare the skin for the next step. It is rare to find a facialist who will make up their own little recipe using other products than their own to get the effects they want. Jo Malone stops at nothing. And after the entire process, Kristen even gives you the recipe so you can do it yourself at home. Nice!

In addition to the never-ending, feather-light, facial massage, Kristen also relaxes your shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Eliminating stress from the entire body, she manages to release toxins and as she works on your pressure points. The effect? You feel lighter as your whole body welcomes the power of massage and the human touch.

For your own personal 90 minutes of hand-on attention, relaxation and rejuvenation, and to discover the power of the human touch as a catalyst for a more youthful complexion, call Kristen Kammeraad today. You’ll not only be in the best hands, but you can relax knowing she’s the only Jo Malone masseuse in town and she will give your skin the 110% attention it deserves.

Jo Malone Shop
The Flatiron Building
949 Broadway
New York, New York
Phone: 212-673-2220

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