Drink the Power: The Wonders of Acai and a few other super foods and fluids


When Oprah declares a product to be the #1 super food, the world takes notice. Recently, “the day time diva” revealed what we nature-loving foodies have known for quite some time: acai berries rock. An antioxidant and omega fat rich berry that grows wild on palm trees in the Brazilian Amazon rain forest, it is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. (Yes, it even kicks the butt of the pomegranate.)

It helps that it’s delicious. An admitted Starbucks junkie, I was a slave to my caffeine buzz…until now. Why load myself up with sugar and caffeine, when I can have my Naked Juice?

I am in love. Naked Juice’s Rainforest Acai blends acai berries with apple, mango, banana and pineapple; it tastes like a totally naughty smoothie, but is all-natural (duh! Naked!) and is as heart-healthily mouth-watering. Honorable yum-factor mention also to Frutzzo Pomegranate Acai’s organic juice blend of pomegranates, acai, and pear. Just as with Naked, it has no added sugars or preservatives, and is a delicious way to trick your body into wellness.

I realized though, in my attempt to embrace my new yummy berry friend, it was important to find it in areas other than just juice. (Ladies, we cannot live on juice alone!) In my search, I lucked into finding cereal, gelato, and a dessert tea!

Canada’s Vitasi Products recently launched their Acai Amazon Berry Granola, made with exotic ingredients like the acai, banana chips and coconut. Tasters get their fiber and from whole oats and flaxseed. I for one am a long-time lover of the Kashi cereal lines, and this is the first product I tasted that can rival its natural sweetness. (Vitasi does this in their granola by including candied ginger.) If you aren’t a breakfast person you can also nosh on granola as a snack, or mix it in a bowl with a scoop of Belizza Acai Gelato. (Warning though, at that point, you may be so buzzed; you won’t sleep for a week!)

So, sit back, brew a pot of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, infused with tropical aà§ai berries, and relax. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

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