Hope…in a jar

It’s not often I get entwined in other people’s life stories when I’m analyzing anti-wrinkle cream. But this time I did. And before you think, “oh no not another tear jerking drama”, save your Kleenex for Sex and the City…oops, it’s over, isn’t it! This is not just an interesting story with a happy ending. It’s one that could benefit your complexion, in more ways than one.

It all starts with a woman called Vinni – Vincene Parinello, the CEO and Creator of Hope Aesthetics. She lost both parents to cancer and was battling the disease herself when she became inspired to create her own line of defense. But never one to leave things to fate, Vinni believes nothing happens to anybody by chance. “Must’ve been angels working overtime to get me through these hard times” she explains. Apparently, Vinni, herself is the picture of health. I won’t reveal her age, but nobody can believe looking at her that she is XX years old, or rather young! That’s enough proof for me!

(For those of you who’s like to read more of the intriguing story of cancer survivors, go to http://www.hopeskincare.com. It’s well worth a read. And while I would love to focus on it more, my angels are remindingme to talk about the products and why they wore!)

A soup for your skin
Angels or no angles, Vinni certainly found a celestial skincare that definitely carries out miracles for your skin. By formulating her own natural skincare range, she was brought closer to her mother and her Sicilian grandmother, whose tales of the powers of herbs and fruits all came back to her. And with a lot of inspiration, she discovered the BHW Complex.™ A broth, or rather “a soup to empower your skin” made from spring water and organically grown fruits, flowers, herbs (including green teas) and vegetables. Mmmmm – a total treat for your skin. What makes this broth so special? The H20.

And, as Vinni tells me, it is the use of these vitamins in the BHW Complex that helps reduce inflammation in the skin that causes wrinkling and the aged appearance.

Now a rough nite doesn’t have to mean rough skin Let’s just say I did a bit of “damage” one night there lately. (Doesn’t happen often mind you!). Anyway, before stumbling into bed, I drenched my skin with Hope’s Answer (I’ll give you the question in a few mins.) and next day, I honestly couldn’t believe my skin. I felt like crap, but my skin was hydrated, soft and really nourished. Hold your horses. This doesn’t mean you can knock back as many as you want and not show it. But if you have skin like me, dry, delicate and needs rich emollient moisturizers, I’d highly recommend these products. I can only speak from my experience. I tend to believe that people with oilier complexions may not need the richness of Hope’s products.

All in the nose
Finally, I have to say from the second I opened the jar of HA products, I loved the smell. They remind me of another favorite skin range, the all-natural, all-organic line of Dr. Hauschuka. So if you think the price are a little steep, take a look at the ingredients. They’re natural, organic and carefully formulated. And remember it’s your skin we’re talking about here. So don’t be chintzy!

“Your skin is the reflection of who you are!”
The HA products. Here are the ones that worked best for me and that I’d recommend for anybody who needs a rich skincare, pure and natural, that helps defy wrinkles etc., but won’t irritate or aggravate the skin.

Face the angels… Illuminaire Enzyme Peel – 1.7 oz $65.00 (hmmm….fresh and minty) This is great for skin that doesn’t suffer from couperose (broken capillaries) or rosacea. It’s a mini facial peel. A non-abrasive one, that exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal, brighter younger appearing skin. Made again with the broth (BHW Complex), papain (papaya fruit enzyme), bromelain (pineapple enzyme), sea parsley, blue marine algae, all in a rich shea butter emulsion. It smells divine and more importantly, it works – the fruit enzymes reduce the appearance of facial discolorations, lines and improve skin clarity. Try it! You’ll see what I’m talking about…

Serum di Hope- 100% Natural – 1.7 oz $60.00
An intensive, restorative serum made with essential oils of Rose Hip Seed, Evening Primrose, borage, soybean, hazelnut, palmarosa, mandarin, lemon, lime, grapeseed, lavender, olive jojoba, sunflower, rosewood, and wheatgerm. Whew! No wonder it smells so delicious. Pat this directly on your skin after cleaning it, and you’ll notice how good your complexion looks next day.

Hope’s Answer – 100% Natural – 1.7 oz. – $125.00 (a bargain at that)
So what’s the question you ask? Well, this isn’t just a cream. This is the answer to all those outrageously expensive thick emollients that are filling the shelves, and are apparently made by Tibetan monks in Norway or God knows where. I’m sorry but half of them don’t work and all you women…what are you doing? Shelling out $250+ without even looking at the ingredients. Stop!! Wake up and smell the roses. If only they were made of roses. They’re full of deceptive, chemical-laden formulas that are not natural, or heavenly for that matter.

So Hope’s Answer is the answer to those types of creams and for skin that’s dry, rough, peely or taut. Especially in these frigid winter months. It’s got 5, yes 5, butters – shea, mango, cocoa, kokum and sal that melt into your skin to help bring back its vitality. And since it’s free of petroleum, it won’t clog or suffocate your skin. It’s the Crème de la crème of those expensive creams! Say no more…

Hope’s Glow Vitamin Firming Cream 1.7 oz. $66.00
Forget Dr. XXX and listen up. This is the Ester C complex formula you need to know about. It not only firms the skin, it helps reduce inflammation and redness. It’s No wonder so many celebrities make up artists use it as their “secret tool”. Here’s why. It also contains DMAE, to help defy aging skin. And it does. Lines are visibly smoothed away. But best of all, it does what it says, your skin just glows! Plus, those seducing aromas of grapes and vanilla…yummy. (That doesn’t mean you can eat it).

Bellissima Regenerating Night Cream, – 1.7 oz. $47.00 (bene, bene!! says Sophia Loren)
That makes two of us. Me and Sophia love this stuff. Maybe that’s because it’s loaded with lots of organic ingredients. It’s full of glycolic acid, evening primrose, borage and rose hip seed oil (nature’s vitamin C). And with 4 types if French lavender, it not only smells great, it’s wonderful for regenerating and softening skin. Prego!

Now here’s an easy 3 step recipe that’ll keep you glowing. Try it, it’s wonderful.
The 2 Day Glow with Hope Aesthetics.
Best time to do this is in the evening.
So relax, open a bottle of vino, and indulge in a little decadence.

(That’s one glass of wine and one big glass of water!)

Step 1: On clean skin, apply the Illuminaire Enzyme Peel. Apply it on cheeks, chin forehead and neck (if you like). Avoid eye area. Leave on for 2-5 mins. It may feel warm and tingly. That’s because the enzymes are working to digest the dead skin cells without any abrasion to your delicate skin.

Step 2: Apply 6 drops of Serum di Hope on your face and neck when skin is still damp. Pat serum into the skin. Gently massage the Serum into your skin, massaging for 4 mins. or longer. This is great for your skin. Apply a warm, wet towel over your face to help the oils penetrate into the skin. Remove towel.br>

Step 3: Follow with the Hope’s Glow Vitamin Firming Cream. This helps enclose the treatment into the skin. It acts as a sealer. Massage into cream. Then forget Conan or Craig. Get to bed. Sleep. And in the morning check out your skin. Now don’t you look radiant?! There are a lot of other HA products I could go on about, like the Angel’s Delight Dreamy Body Cream- 6oz, ($40.00). I use it after the shower everyday. Vanilla, Cocoa, Almond oil…dreamy, creamy, divine! And also the Angels’s Delight Body Scrub- 10 oz. $30.00. Wow!

Divine Inspiration Before I fly off, let me just give you a heads up. In April, I will be devoting my article on Hope’s latest product, “Dew It”. You’ll see why!

For more information about Hope Aesthetics and all their products, go to the their Facebook page. Or call (516) 676-4203 for store location nearest you.

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Juana Perez Negrete

I’m a woman almost 40’s and have melasma after my last pregnancy, wrinkles are getting more noticibles. Since a found your web page I like it and a would like it try’em before a buy them. Is there free samples? Thanks.

Christopher Szaz

I would recommend contacting them at 1-800-266-4799 or going to their Facebook page to see if they offer any free samples.

Janet McClintock

I used the BHW, Organic cleanser and eye dew. Can I order Hope products from you?

Christopher Szaz

We do not sell products, we review them.

As suggested above, I would recommend contacting them at 1-800-266-4799 or going to their Facebook page and see if they offer any free samples.

Bj B

I attempted to call the above number and got a medical alert center. Is there another number I can use to contact hopeskincare. Also I am unable to find the products on Facebook.

Chris Szaz


Their Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/HopeAestheticsNY/

I have updated the phone number, as the article appeared to have an old one listed.

Thank you.

Christopher Szaz


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