How deep is your favorite cosmetic company?


When it comes to beauty how deep can you get? I mean how existential can one become about mascara, eye shadow or lip gloss? After all, as my Dad always says, beauty is only skin-deep, right?

Relax and take a seat on the couch. We’re not talking Freud or Jung. We’re just getting a little deeper about beauty…and the real purpose of beauty.

That’s why I’m analyzing, okay reviewing a company called Philosophy – a cosmetic company that really thinks about what they do, and why they’re doing it.

It seems only fitting that a company who cares deeply about their products should care about other important things like the environment – more specifically the rainforest.

Caring isn’t all they do. Philosophy has worked with the rainforest foundation for many years. And now they have taken their relationship one step further by selling redesigned products “Message in a bottle” to benefit the rainforest foundation and to honor Sting and wife Trudie Styer for all the selfless work they have done for this cause. (See how many references to Sting songs and the Police you can find here).

First here’s a little lesson on the rainforest for you. For those who know all this, just scroll down to Message in a Bottle section.

[b]Every breath we take[/b] What exactly is the mission of the rainforest foundation? Why bother or care? Isn’t it miles away from our lives? It doesn’t really affect us?

Wrong. Tropical rainforests are integral to a healthy planet and its ability to support life. First of all, they regulate earth’s climate, and are a deterrent against the greenhouse effect. They contain edible food crops and other resources and prevent impoverishment and famine. In every sense, a standing rainforest supplies more economic wealth than if it were cleared away. Yet regardless of their importance, deforestation continues – a football field-sized area of rainforest is lost every second of every day.

[b]Every move we make[/b] Rainforests regulate rainfall on a global level which in turn affects the global climate. They are the single greatest terrestrial source of oxygen (the air we breathe).

They bring us food, herbs, ingredients for pharmaceuticals, and many other items that are commonplace in our daily life. Imagine losing the potential cure for cancer or AIDS that may have been found in an undiscovered plant from the rainforest!

[b]Message in a bottle + the rainforest foundation[/b]

Message in a bottle is exclusive to and all proceeds go to benefiting the rainforest foundation.

Basically, Message in a bottle is a mineral enriched, bath and shower gel scented with a romantic, mystical clean, crisp fragrance, inspired the simple fragrances of rain and water. Something to literally remind you of the very cause they believe in – the rainforest.

[b]She wants it so badly[/b] In a magical sea-blue color, Message in a bottle is made with blue algae, sea kelp, spirulina, and a magical, ocean-inspired fragrance. So every time you take a shower you can feel good that you’re not just cleaning yourself. You’re also helping the rainforest. Philosophy donates 100% of the proceeds to the rainforest foundation.

[b]Did You Know?[/b] Forget about your crow’s feet for one second and think about this.
– As food crops, we use only 7,000 of about 75,000 known edible plants.
– 500,000 trees are cut every hour in tropical rainforests.
– We lose 20,000 to 100,000 species a year.

How do you like your cuppa?

Now let’s forget rainforests for one minute. I have to let you in on a few Philosophy-ical secrets. How about a cup o’ Tea in the Sahara? Well maybe not. But why not try a few treats with Philosophy’s tea party. No, you can’t sip them, but you can spray them on.

The tea party consists of 3 light and delicious 1 oz. refreshing spray fragrances of mint tea, luscious lemon, and delectable sugar. Now you can take your tea any way you like it.

– mint tea – an invigorating scent that will clear your mind and awaken your senses. Perfect way to start the day with a more natural jolt!
– lemon – a tangy, citrusy scent to add some zest to your day…zingy!
– sugar – Need a sugar fix? Try a blend of spice and everything nice to keep you smelling sweet all day.

[b]Sweet smell of desserts[/b] If you want to smell great, just use these delicious concoctions. It’s called the new surprise party and it includes 6oz. bottles of raspberry sorbet, coconut cream pie, and strawberry milkshake. Each fruity dessert flavor will and keep you smelling sweet from your nose to your toes.

And just look at the ingredients. These dessert inspired 3-in-1 shampoos are chockfull of sweet stuff that’s all good and healthy! It’s another sweet surprise from Philosophy.

– glycerin to soften and nourish the skin
– citric acid to help cleanse blemished skin and add brightness to hair
– complex conditioning agent to add body to hair

[b]Philosophy – Thought-provoking stuff[/b] Finally with a motto that simply claims “philosophy: the best cosmetic is great-looking skin” – this is one cosmetic company who’s way of thinking about beauty, real beauty, makes a lot of sense for everybody. And I really love the philosophy behind Philosophy. Every little thing they do is magic!

Philosophy’s intelligent skin care and color cosmetics are available at Sephora, and by calling 1-800-568-3151 or just go to

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