Mineral Make Up: Open your eyes to Larénim

One thing my readers continually ask me is “what’s the best all-natural eye make-up out there?” Until now, I never had the answer. Not that I hadn’t experimented with many natural make-up brands in the past. I had, but I found that although most of them contained all-natural ingredients, the foundation formulas were either too oily, or too thick and pasty looking, and the eye and lip colors were never the ones I liked. Recently, however, I learned about the brand new make-up line at the Whole Body Expo (at Whole Foods). It’s called Larénim, (mineral backwards), and it’s one of the purest make-up line out there.

There’s no talc because it can stretch your pores, no parabens because they are linked to cancer, and best of all, no bismuth oxychloride, the nasty ingredient that causes greasiness and enlarged pores. Larénim products are made with 100 percent micronized minerals and there are no irritants. I love that they are free of starches that can aggravate skin sensitivities. Also, Larénim is also non-comedogenic (won’t block pores), and contains no oils, fillers, or FD&C dyes (petroleum derived). Like many products, it’s not tested on animals; unlike many items, it is made in the USA, in Columbus, Ohio, to be exact.

What makes Larénim so unique is that it’s light refractive, which minimizes lines and other imperfections, so it’s perfect for mature skin. Unlike glittery and shimmery eye shadows that emphasize fine lines, and get caught in the creases of your skin, Larénim gives a refined luster, which refracts light and “de-ages” eyes and cheeks. Plus, the colors are gorgeous. My favorites include pink divinity, celestial fire, gilded goddess, and pixie dust. These unique iridescent shades are stunning. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a selection of heavenly colors that can be used on women of all ages.

Finally, an all-natural make-up line that looks great on, and is actually good for your skin!

Larénim also makes foundations, concealers, powders, as well as kabuki brushes to seal your foundation. All products are available at Whole Body at Whole Foods stores.

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