The Holiday Gift Guide to End All Guides – Tasty Delights


These gifts smell good enough to eat but won’t add to your waistline – more mashed potatoes please!

Ginger Lime, Orange Melon, and Cherry Papaya – they sound like yummy drinks but are in fact creamy shea butter and real fruit body balm from the vegan line Fresh Body Market. The Balm Trio Set is perfect for those South Beach girls who are now allowed to have some fruit again on Week 3. [url=][/url]

Does anyone really cook gingerbread? Raise your hand if you do? Okay, two of you do. For the rest of us, light up the soy based Gingerbread Candle from Er’go to fake it and make all the neighbors jealous with its amazing fresh baked scent. [url=][/url]

Or you could lather up with The Gingerbread House from Philosophy. Complete with foaming bubble bath (to die for!), body soufflé, and shimmery gold lip balm, once again, a fitting gift for those who cannot preheat the oven. [url=][/url]

And after that healthy dinner we need some coffee to set the night off right and the Jaqua Sister’s French Bulldog Cafe Kit will rock your world. Truly. This is for all those Starbucks crazed people. Raise your hand if you’re one. It’s official – there are more of you in the world than people who know how to make gingerbread. Picture this – Caramel Cappuccino Shower Syrup, Chocolat Sinfully Rich Body Butter, Citrus Verbena Dry Oil Body Spray (no, I don’t know what that’s doing with my coffee either but it smells good, so go with it), and a plush terry wash mitt. Yes, you can keep it for yourself. [url=][/url]

But let’s get down to business. If you’ve never been to the Chocolate Show here in NYC then you may not be able to imagine this, but picture the smell of chocolate wafting up to your tidily powdered nose as you surrender to 80% cacao bars. Ahhhh….and then you eat your weight in truffles. Cucuina Dolce lets you keep your figure with their Scented Wax Slab bars. They don’t sound too alluring but trust me, they’re great. They come packaged like fancy chocolate bars and are available in Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Hazelnut. You break off a piece Hershey’s style, and pop it into the diffuser, and have a mini fondue pot going that will fill your house with tastiness. Once again, jealous neighbors. And yes, you can keep this for yourself too, but you’re really going to have to start thinking of other people soon. [url=][/url]

With all these no cooking required edibles you don’t have to feel guilty when you pass the dessert table. For the third time.

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