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You’ve gotten to know these ladies through the past year and a half and they may remind you of a friend you need a gift for. These are my picks for our BeautyNews Girls (sorry Mike and JV check out the men’s section!). Our ladies range from demure and sweet to sassy and streetwise. See what fits for you.

Kimberly, our Head Editor, is always in search of the perfect eye shadow that will stay on all day. The Shimmer Powders from Color Evolution come in stacks of 8 loose mineral pigments. The colors range from soft to vivid and each ‘color story’ works together. Used wet they’re great liners and you can even mix them with a clear gloss to create your own shade if you’re feeling fancy.

My partner in crime on the color front is Susanna, and what makeup artist doesn’t need quality tools after dropping hundreds of dollars on cosmetics? Smashbox is known for quality in the industry. Their Smashing Rodeo and Brighton Brush Set keep up the tradition. It includes 6 of their best-selling brushes – concealor, lip, shadow liner, angle, eye definer, and brush – all in a chic little metallic silver clutch. Prepared AND sophisticated. We love that!

Our columnist PJ, is full of vim and vigor. She deserves something just as spirited as her. Bath and Body Work’s Santa Baby Bag has just what you’d want for Christmas – body cream, foam bath, and pillow mist in soothing scents of Eucalyptus Spearmint, Lavender Vanilla, or Jasmine Vanilla. They come in a saucy felt bag complete with its own winter pom poms.

Kim is one of the most gentle and sweet women I’ve met and Awake’s Aurora Allure Gift Set mirrors her ladylike style. The pink satin with black lace overlay, specially designed by Rebecca Taylor, is beautiful all by itself. Inside you’ll find a Stardom Lip color Set with 6 shades and the Stardom Aurora Veil Powder which evens out skin and gives a glow.

Rebecca has the most beautiful red hair and Sisley’s Golden Makeup Palette would be perfect for her natural look. With its soft shades in 2 bronzers, 2 shadows, 3 glosses, and a highlighter in a pretty gold mirrored compact – it’s a perfect fit!

You’ll be seeing our Stephanie Ila Silver on the big screen one day, in case you didn’t know, and you need to look your best when you’ve got a 20 foot tall close-up. Diane Von Furstenberg has come out with the perfect set with In the Mood…Eyes, Lips, Eclipse. It contains a ‘box set’ of 3 books: Eyes is 6 shadows, Lips is 6 lipsticks, and Eclipse is 2 shimmer powders. These are a present you’ll want to open again and again.

If you’re new to our site then let me introduce you to the BeautyNews baby, Jax. Catherine, aka Mama, has kept us up to date on the goings on during her pregnancy (and let me rub her tummy at every meeting) and Mustela’s set is ideal for new moms. A large pastel Sherpa bag gives a hip vibe to the diaper bag and comes fully equipped with wipes, body gel (yes, body gel for the bambino), body lotion, and shampoo. He will be the hippest dude on the block.

In Texas we like our makeup to show up – none of this clear lip-gloss jazz – and Leslie is my fellow Lone Star girl. An incredible red gloss, rich shimmering charcoal shadow, and creamy rose champagne highlight make up Les Trios: Après – Ski in St. Moritz from our friends at Chantecaille. It’s sure to wrangle up a kiss under the mistletoe from her favorite cowboy!

Stefanie Schwalb is always full of creative ideas for the site and is wonderful with people. Stila’s Media Darling Palette in Press Savvy, is made for touchups in between meetings. With 4 shadows, a blush, gloss, lipstick, 3 blushes and a mirror – she represents us beautifully!

Penhaligon’s Hobnail Crystal Dressing Table Jar would be lovely on our Irish Rose Irene’s vanity in between her organic body lotion and natural lip balm. The original design is from a Victorian archive, and the crystal is hand cut and polished by craftsmen across the sea in England. Topped with an engraved silver cap – ooh! I just can’t tell you how much better your cotton balls look in a crystal jar!

Our recently wed Erika loves to play with makeup of all kinds and Sue Devitt’s Palettes, in Naughty and Nice would give her lots of fun options. With 2 shadows and 2 glosses in each there’s a myriad of looks to try out for Mike!

Danielle always has the perfect gloss and you always need something fun to carry your makeup around in. Pout’s the winner with a sweet jingle bell on their zipper and a size great for a night out on the town.

With her already gorgeous golden skin, Sharon, and her husband, would be very happy with Lola’s Shimmering Dry Body Oil. Full of Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, and Green Tea, it soothes winter skin and invites lots of attention!

And you know if you’ve shopped THIS much, it’s inevitable you’ve picked something up for yourself. I love, love, love, Japonesque’s Pro Palettes for all those lipsticks, concealors, and cream foundations that crowd up your drawer. They open like a book and each size has wells that you can smoosh your product right into the well (a “smoosher” is included and yes, I’m sure that’s the official term). They have small and large sizes and this is a great gift for makeup artists and junkies alike.

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