Wish Fairies, Hanging Around and Granting Your Wishes

I was 5 years old. My head was flung back, my eyes wide and bright. “I do believe in fairies,” I repeated like a mantra as Peter Pan flew through the air above me. This magical and mystical image has stayed with me throughout the years, and I’m guessing it has for Jean Shackleford as well. Jean is the creator and designer of hand crafted Paper Mache Fairies. These whimsical mini-sculptures of rice paper and glue are uniquely made. Each fairie is created with up to 50 assorted elements. Fabric, yarn, feathers, and other exotic trinkets come together to dress the fairy. The face is made of hydrocal; it’s painted, airbrushed, and then glazed to perfection.

But what make these fairies so special are their descriptive individualized tags. For instance, the Fairy Angelina is the guardian Angel-fairy who “grants all good wishes sealed with angel kisses.” Barbi, the “Swish and Wish Fairy,” is a snow bunny on the slopes who grants wishes on skis if you can keep up with her speed! Hint, “on the lift is the best time to meet her with ease.” Fairy Fiona is the Flower Fairy. “Better get your wishes ready soon, she grants your wishes at first bloom.” And Java Lena should not be asked to grant a wish before her first cup of Joe!

The designer of these precious trinkets is Jean Shackelford. She is a Southern California Native who has done illustrations for Random House, Sesame Street, Disney and Hallmark. The daughter of renowned watercolorist and past Disney animator, Bud Shackelford, Jean has always been surrounded by creativity and art. Her transition from the two-dimensional world of commissioned illustrations to three-dimensional crafts was met with great success. Jean’s work has been shown in galleries throughout the U.S., Japan and Europe. They can also be found in the homes of several celebrities.

To order one of these fanciful creations (which come with a cord for hanging), please refer to the contact information below. Even Captain Hook couldn’t resist these delightful gifts of imagination, beauty and creativity.

Jean Shackelford Designs
27566 Weston Drive Valencia, CA 91354
1-800-987-1118 (ph)
1-661-297-4026 (f)

Also available at: beyonddimensionstoo.com

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Lisa Dernick

Interested in adding some Kitches Witches to my collection!


Please can give you give me a price on Jeanies fairies especially the purple and black ones on your site, i am situated in Australia an can the fairy be posted out to us.

Claudina Cordwell

I have madam x I was gifted it from a lady who it was gifted to her by Jean.


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