5 Top Organic Skin Care Products Your Face Will Love


Photo Courtesy Moroccan Elixir

After a long, dark winter is there a person on the planet not in need of brightening? Intensive Brightening Mask from Amala is rich, soothing, hydrating, reparative and most decidedly, brightening. In addition to organic narcissus, the mask includes botanicals like red currant and calendula. You can leave it on for 10 minutes but I massaged it in and left it on overnight. The effect: radiance.

Available: http://www.amalabeauty.com

O beauty readers know this: I abhor hyperbole. So when I tell you that Prickly Pear Oil from Moroccan Elixir is indeed the bomb, please take note. And then get thee some poste haste. A few drops did make a difference in just one night. My skin is tighter—notably the part of my neck that once belonged to my face. My pores are diminished; I awoke sans eye puff. The prickly pear oil is USDA certified organic and is exceptionally high in essential fatty acids and contains vitamin E. Besides beautifying you, it benefits the Women’s Co-operatives of Morocco who plow their profits into building community schools, daycares and hospitals. That’s one beautiful investment.

Available: http://www.MoroccanElixir.com

If you are sensitive and/or sensitive to aging, or both, try Facial Toner from Pangea Organics in French Rosemary & Sweet Orange. It’s both uplifting and serenity-inducing thanks to the aromatherapeutic properties of its nurturing organic ingredients: lavender, calendula extract, fennel seed extract, sweet orange oil, rosemary, and frankincense oil. I use most toners only in the a.m. and p.m but since this one is hydrating and smells so satisfying I use it to refresh myself and stay present whenever I feel like it, which is often.

Available: http://www.pangeaorganics.com

Bottega Organica’s scientists discovered that prawn sage extends the life of our cells and slows the aging process and that’s cause for celebration. Prawn sage is the key botanical rejuvenator in both the Redefine Eye Contour Serum and the Activate Face Serum. I applaud efficacy and advocate for a less is more approach — a few drops of each serum is all it takes to see results. I enjoy the sight of the small dropper bottles in my medicine chest. They take up less space and I opt to face something sciency over hope in a jar. I also like knowing that the organically grown or wildcrafted ingredients are harvested and processed on farms in Liguria, Italy and upstate in Chatham, NY. Add Bottega Organica to your rejuvenation regimen now–and thank me later.

Available: http://www.bottegaorganica.com

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