A Feast Full of Skin Care


I admit it, along with being a skin care aficionado I’m also a foodie. This time of year, being a celebration of culinary delights, makes me downright giddy. Combining my two obsessions, I searched high and low to find good skin care that uses real food ingredients to aid in the efficacy of their products. So for you, I present a veritable smorgasbord that will plump up your skin, but not your waistline.


I started my buffet of beauty with the Tangerine and Ginger Facial at the elegant Sothys Spa. I arrived early and was warmly greeted by the friendly staff and given a cup of green tea while I waited for Zina, my esthetician. Once inside the treatment room, Zina’s magic hands cleansed and massaged my face, neck and shoulders, and then did a gentle exfoliation with a biological peel. Already lulled into a dreamy state, a deliciously spicy smelling tangerine and ginger cream was applied with more fabulous massaging. A tangerine peel-off mask was next and allowed to set while my hands were creamed and massaged and put into heated mitts. The final treatment was the application of a tangerine and ginger serum. My skin looked sensational and felt incredibly smooth and soft and I’ve been using the tube of the marmalade-like serum that I was given to take home with me. What a way to start the season!


Imagine an entire line of beauty products made up from food ingredients! BeFine Fine Food Skin Care cooks up skin care using over 180 real food ingredients in their products. Edibles include: coconut, oats, almonds, mint, avocado, apple, lemon, and beets, just to name a few. I especially like their Befine Night Cream which contains cocoa, (revs up circulation), millet (builds collagen) and rice bran (vit. E softens/moisturizers). I also liked the creaminess of the Be Fine Eye Brightening Treatment w/ Avocado Oil which moisturizes and also contains seaweed to help alleviate dark circles. Better than visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!


The change of temperatures to chilly outdoors and the use of skin drying heaters indoors often call for some of us to need a slightly heavier face cream. Two that made my skin feel delicious were Hydrante Face Crème by Ajne which contains apricot oil, corn, citrus, coconut, grape seed and potato essence; and Crème d’Olives from Spain which uses extracts from olive leaves, buds and branches which are anti-inflammatory along with pea seed extracts which increase skin elasticity. Gives a whole new meaning to the expression, “Feeding your face”!


Even if you’re stuck talking turkey with the relatives from the flyover states, you can feel wonderfully transported to the south of France with Durance “Around the Olive Tree” collection from Provence . Charmingly packaged (perfect hostess gift!) and made with olive oil, Durance Body Dry Oil contains grape seed, sesame and olive oil and amazingly disappears from the skin and leaving no oily residue.


While you’re giving thanks for the bounty, don’t forget to thank your hostess for working her fingers to the bone for creating a fabulous feast. Even if she did only dial-for-dinner, she deserves a prezzy. The Balm by Glowology smells as sweet as dessert and will soften her hands and feet with its blend of shea butter, sugar maple essence, orange and lemon. Use your noodle and buy one for yourself also. It’s too delicious to want to give away!

L’Institut Sothys 37 West 57th Street, NYCwww.sothyspa.com
Befine Fine Food Skin Carewww.befine.com
Ajne – Bergdorf Goodman, www.Ajne.com
Crème d’Olives www.cosbar.com
Durance – Gracious Home 1220 3rd Ave & 1192 Broadwaywww.durance.us
Glowology – www.noodleandboo.com

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