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When it comes to wedding day plans, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible; you want each and every toenail to look fabulous. But with all the preparations and details to sort out before the big day, you don’t want to forget what’s important…enjoying yourself and enjoying the actual event taking place – your wedding. New brides should plan ahead and book services at the Valery Joseph Salon. Here, all your worries are swept away from head to toe, literally.

Many come for the manicure and pedicure, which are both very relaxing, and ease you into a stress free zone. Amy did my nails when I visited the salon, and she was very mellow herself, which makes you instantly feel more calm, in addition to the big cushiony seats. The employees are all very welcoming, and though the atmosphere is busy, the people make you feel comfortable. For brides, they usually recommend a French manicure and pedicure, or a lighter polish color, which helps it last through the honeymoon. They also offer a gel manicure, which can last up to 30 days.

While at the salon, you can take advantage of their hair and body treatments. Revy, Valery Joseph’s wife, explained some of the services available. They offer treatments such as makeup applications, any waxing you can imagine, and also the popular tanning application. In hair preparation, they do the basics from cut, color, or highlights, to a glorious updo or a simple, quick gloss treatment for intense shine.

Another great service for brides desiring more length on the day of, are customized hair extensions that last one day; they are prepared the night before and can be removed the next day. The Valery Joseph Salon also offers house calls for events like weddings. With their help, you can go down your wedding day to-do checklist and check off half your list at one fantastic salon.

Valery Joseph Salon
1044 Madison Ave.


Valery Joseph 2 Ltd.
820 Madison Ave.

Call in advance to book services.

Another way to put your best foot forward is through laser hair removal. Removing unwanted foot hair is a growing trend these days. Dr. Oliver Zong, a Manhattan podiatrist, recommends laser services to his patients. A recent addition to his practice, he now offers laser toe hair removal, which is permanent. He says it can be painful, but most patients tolerate it fairly well. It usually takes up to six treatments to permanently remove the hair. This is done over the course of a few weeks. Each treatment usually takes 5-10 minutes, which is fairly short and simple. Each time the treatment is done, the hair becomes finer and lighter, until it’s nonexistent. This is a great way to have your feet perfect for a big event, or even just to prepare for baring them in the warmer months.

Contact Dr. Oliver Zong at 212.385.2400, or visit http://www.nycfootcare.com for more information.

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