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Roosevelt was in office, cars were a luxury item, ragtime was hip, and women existed to be fruitful and multiply – these symbols characterize the era when Margaret Kroesen created Frownies. A proud mother of her eldest, Alice, a concert pianist, Margaret created Frownies to combat her daughter’s premature aging, so the focus would remain on her music and not her nasiolabial lines.

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Coined Wrinkle Eradicators, these patches work by controlling muscle movement and help restore the face to its original condition by pulling the skin taut and enabling the lines to lessen and relax. Years after creating Frownies, Margaret lost her husband and joined the workforce as the Managing Director of B&P Company (Beauty & Personality). Not long after, she purchased the company and restructured, surviving the Great Depression and World War II with Frownies as her only product. By the Vietnam War, both Alice and Margaret had passed away, leaving the company to great granddaughter, Margaret Wright, who manages it today with her daughter-in-law, Kathy Wright.

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Recently B & P Company expanded their product line beyond Frownies. They created a rose water spray used to adhere the Frownies, which contains aloe, chamomile, grapefruit and comfrey. However, the biggest news came this June, when they announced Immune Perfect. 10 years in the making, the collection includes an anti-wrinkle gel with melanin and 17 amino acids (Immune Perfect); a glycolic face wash made with sugar cane and detoxifying yucca; and Immune Shield, a post-shower body solution meant to combat free radicals, fade spots, and heal skin, with 17 amino acids and vitamin E that comprise 40% of the solution.

B & P creates effective, no frills products that keep their promise. However, their simple philosophy does not parallel their approach to philanthropy. B & P Company donates 20% of their annual profits to charities. There are many organizations on the list that appear to be missionary or religious organizations, such as Honor Academy & Teen Mania Ministries, Legacy Ministries, and Shelter, but the bulk range from pregnancy and abortion counseling organizations, to health care missions in third world countries and scholarship organizations. People to People Ambassadors promotes communication between international teens; Word Made Flesh supports orphans of AIDS victims and natural disasters, but they also rescue women trapped in sex slave trade industries abroad. With donations supporting every cause from the YMCA and Mrs. USA pageant contests, to children of injured public servants, this company continues a lasting legacy to promote youthful skin and peace on earth – those are no small efforts and Beauty News applauds them.

Frownies $19.95/box, about a one-month supply of either forehead, or eye and mouth pads
Hydrator Spray 2oz $10.95
Immune Perfect 50mL $65
Immune Shield 60mL $59
pH Balancing Complexion Wash 4oz $18.95

Frownies are available at a variety of Ricky’s locations, www.frownies.com and select local pharmacies including New London Pharmacy (246 8th Avenue at 23rd St.) and Zitomer Pharmacy (969 Madison Ave).

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