AINHOA: Luxury Skin Care from Spain You’ve Never Heard of… ‘til Now

Ever heard of Ainhoa? Thought not. It’s actually the name of a small, beautiful French commune in the traditional Basque province of Labourd in the southwest. Ok, geography lesson over. But that’s not all it is. AINHOA Cosmetics is also an international skincare range that was all started by a well-travelled Spanish woman, Marta LaGuarda, in 1996. Having travelled extensively in Asia, Marta returned to Spain and along with her studies and perceptions of Eastern and Western beauty and wellbeing, she created a skincare and cosmetic line and called it AINHOA.

AINHOA is in fact one of Europe’s most innovative cosmetic and skin care brands that is sold worldwide in more than 50 countries. So why don’t we know more about them? We should because their innovative skincare products, especially their anti-aging skincare range is incredibly effective. The one I tried and recommend is the top of the line of their ranges.

Most women dream of getting a sparkler on their finger one day. But what about getting diamonds for your skin? Diamond powder that is. AINHOA’s Luxury Diamond Caviar is a complete skincare range that was specially designed to combat the skin’s aging process with its innovative component: diamond powder. Apparently this mineral ingredient, with the help of retinol and other anti-aging proteins, regenerates the skin and has a protecting action against external aggressions. At the same time, it provides elasticity and diminishes wrinkles thanks to its nutritive and anti free radical properties.

Whlie it looks very European and luxe with its upscale blue and silver packaging, it’s what inside that matters, right? And AINHOA’s LDC Concentrate certainly lives up to its diamond status. The box set holds five small blue glass bottles with dropper applicators that contain a super hydrating, nutritive, firming, and rejuvenating serum. It’s perfect for my rather dry skin. Apply a thin layer on clean skin and it may tingle. That’s the concentrate of 75% caviar extract and diamond powder working as an underlying base that reinforces your moisturizer. Just a few drops are enough to see a difference. Use it under your night cream and see the results in the morning. Your skin will look rejuvenated, smoother, fresher and feel more supple.

Don’t be surprised to shell out a little more for this range. After all we’re talking ‘diamond powder’, an active mineral that helps blood circulation and increases collagen production, important factors in preventing skin aging. I think you’ll notice an increase in elasticity and a smoother complexion that feels both firmer and plumper. It’s also packed with vitamins, proteins, Oligo-elements and diverse plant extracts.

I suggest trying the LDC Lifting Eye Cream with powerful ingredients including argireline®, vitamin E, sweet almonds derivate, mint derivate, and of course diamond powder. It’s a light, fast absorbing cream that focuses on the eye contour to minimize the loss of skin elasticity, strengthens the skin’s surface, improves the appearance of the eye contour and adds radiance to the area. Apply it once or twice a day with light circular movements around the eye area until its totally absorbed. Et voilà! See the difference.

AINHOA’s Luxury Diamond Collection includes everything from the Caviar Concentrate, Lifting Eye Cream Lifting, Caviar Lifting Mask, Pleasure Facial Cream, Supreme Facial Capsules and Caviar Revitalizing Cream. I think it’s definitely an indulgent luxury treatment that gives mature skin a sparkle you don’t often find. Try it. I guarantee that like me, you won’t ever forget the name again. AINHOA.

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